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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)


Adam Ogwu

Postgraduate Certificate in Practical Science Communication student


One of my truest joys comes from explaining science to questioning friends and family. As my career as a life sciences consultant developed, I missed being at the sharp end of the latest scientific news. I wanted to learn how to communicate science in a way that resonates with people. ICE has a long-standing, international reputation for lifelong learning, so studying here was a fantastic opportunity. The academic and pastoral support, coupled with the collaboration of my fellow students, felt like being part of a mini family. Since receiving my Postgraduate Certificate, I’ve been appointed to the board of an award-winning magazine that demystifies science and launched an online health platform that promotes wellbeing.



Penny Peck

Postgraduate Certificate in Practical Science Communication student


I’m not a scientist, but part of my job is to communicate scientific work. Having established a career in administrative roles, I always felt slightly inadequate when communicating on behalf of world-renowned specialists. This course has changed that. I’ve developed the skills and confidence to translate technical terms into language that might be more easily understood, and I’m better equipped to step out of my comfort zone. I learned a lot from my friendly and supportive tutor, as well as the new friends I made on the course. ICE has a relaxed atmosphere that’s set up for study and thinking. The food is great too!



Tim Pilgrim

Postgraduate Certificate in Practical Science Communication student

Tim student story


Studying at ICE led to me being awarded a prestigious Fellowship from the International School of Science Journalism in Sicily – something I never thought I’d achieve. I didn’t do particularly well at school and drifted through low-paid jobs before ultimately being made redundant. I enrolled at university as a mature student and discovered a real love for learning, eventually becoming a journalist and press officer. Coming to ICE has helped push my career. I’ve been taught by engaged and knowledgeable lecturers,studied alongside a great mix of students and boosted my self-confidence. I’m a massive advocate of lifelong learning, and I want to encourage others who didn’t flourish at school to take the plunge too.



Caroline Masih 

Undergraduate Certificate in Genetics student. Caroline link


The ages, experiences and personalities of my fellow classmates are varied and diverse – I feel really comfortable in this learning environment. I chose to study at ICE because of the quality of education, the atmosphere at Madingley Hall and the fair cost of education. Since starting here, I’ve found that great opportunities keep arising and new doors are opening. As such, I was thrilled to have successfully applied to volunteer for the Science Museum’s Astronights medicine-themed sleepover for young children. I wholeheartedly believe that all of us can realise a dream or ambition and experience a sense of achievement and self-worth at any age. It’s never too late.



Patricia Lebre Alireza 

Genomics student


My children are grown-up adults now, I am a grandmother and have also gone part time in my experimental research in the Physics Department, which means I can study other things that interest me. I chose to study here because of how flexible it is, and I am really enjoying the course and the way the programme is structured. I love learning, and ICE gives me the opportunity to continue doing so at the right pace.



Patrick Egan 

Undergraduate Certificate in Evolutionary Biology student.


I’m a primary science specialist in school, so I decided to enrol on this course to further my knowledge of Evolution and Evolutionary Biology in particular. I love the variety of lectures and the expertise of the lecturers who are all so knowledgeable in their field. Studying at ICE has given me a real thirst for learning, and made me realise just how much I love furthering my own education.



Alma Marinou 

Undergraduate Certificate in Cognitive Psychology student.


An interest in psychology coupled with a desire to build more effective learning relationships with my pupils brought me to this course. The experience has brought huge rewards in different areas of my career. Psychology is hugely bound up with teaching, but when you are practicing it can be quite hard to find professional development opportunities. This course was unique. It connected all the dots between the research and classroom practices and techniques. I have developed the skills and the tools to replicate behavioural techniques in my own classroom that really accelerate learning. Whatever path I follow, it’s very clear to me that psychology will be a huge part of it.



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