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Reginald Graham

Postgraduate Politics and International Studies student Reginald story


Growing up in London, my Windrush Generation parents instilled me with an understanding of the power of education. In a world that’s constantly changing, I remain a strong advocate of lifelong learning. ICE courses are highly relevant to the shifting landscape around us and their part-time structure makes them well-suited to busy, working professionals like me. I’m currently training senior officials in the Caribbean how to respond to key public policy challenges like climate change. My postgraduate study at ICE has not only directly impacted this work but also provided learning and long-lasting friendships with students from all over the world.



Melinda Oliver

Undergraduate Certificate in International Relations student Melinda story


As a professional writer and editor focusing on business and government, my work increasingly examines globalisation and the role of major states. I wanted to make greater sense of what drives nations and leaders, so that I can write more engaging and informed content and become more questioning. I love the intensive weekend sessions, held at beautiful Madingley Hall, as they offer the chance to step aside from daily life and focus on learning. I’ve been surprised at how much I’ve learned from my peers too. Their perspectives enrich my understanding, and it’s a privilege to study with them.



Kofi Mensah-Tandoh

Undergraduate Certificate in International Relations student Kofi


I chose to study here because of ICE’s high-quality teaching and research. Knowing I’d be learning from world-class leaders in their fields and that the course would be academically rigorous with a manageable timetable affirmed my choice. I thoroughly enjoyed the course content, the teaching style and the extensive staff support. The course really stretched my thinking and introduced me to an amazing cohort. I’m now more confident in writing, reasoning and putting forward critical arguments around a range of topics, including international relations. I hope to pursue an advanced degree based on the skills I’ve developed, further allowing me to switch between careers in finance, government and business



Philip Taylor

MSt International Relations student


I’m a social change campaigner who has been working in international development for four years. I chose the International Relations MSt to stretch myself both personally and professionally. The flexible, multidisciplinary approach at ICE is incredible, and the people on my course are truly fascinating. They enhance the education experience to a level you won’t find elsewhere. Soon after starting my course, the Careers Service invited me to talk to Cambridge students and inspire them about my career. Years ago, I’d never have imagined being in that position. It was a total treat. ICE is a key part of my journey that I know will equip me for the future.



Cameron Mitchell

MSt International Relations student


I wasn’t sure if I could still study effectively, 15 years after my last degree, but I’ve proved I can. ICE offers an outstanding course that gives me flexibility to accommodate my family and career commitments. The International Relations MSt is full of mentally stimulating content and I’m learning alongside a diverse and engaging cohort. I’m currently the Global Head of Geopolitical Risk at a large, international bank, so it’s great to be able to study and work full-time. My course is helping me learn about unfamiliar issues and apply that teaching to my work. It’s a real privilege to be part of the University of Cambridge.



Andrea Pietras

Undergraduate Diploma in International Relations student


I chose to study this course at ICE for professional development purposes. The course provided me with a solid foundation in International Relations; the methods and tools, analytical thinking skills and the opportunity to participate in high-level discussions. The variety of lectures and lecturers was excellent, as was the engagement with other students in seminars and the individual academic support. The course has helped me use my sabbatical time in the best way and find a new job that aligns with my studies.



Firas Salameh

Undergraduate Diploma in International Relations student


I want to develop a richer and more holistic understanding of international relations and the challenges that real-world events pose to classic international relations theories. The passion and commitment that drive the tutors is exceptional, and the diverse group of students constantly provides a fresh perspective and new ideas. My academic writing and research skills have significantly improved already, and I am hoping to develop a consolidated research proposal to apply for an MPhil degree at the University of Cambridge.



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