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What is the nature of reality? What is knowledge? Do we have minds? What does it mean to to be a person? How should human beings be treated? When, if ever, is it permissible deliberately to harm other people? What is it to act freely, and do we ever have true freedom? If you enjoy thinking about these sorts of questions, then a part-time Philosophy course at ICE could be for you.

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Undergraduate Certificate in Philosophy: Metaphysics, Philosophy and the Language of Ethics Register Interest Closed for 2020
Undergraduate Diploma in Creativity Theory, History and Philosophy  Register Interest Closed for 2020
Postgraduate Certificate in Philosophy Register Interest Closed for 2020

Undergraduate Advanced Diplomas

Advanced Diploma in Research in the Arts/Sciences Closed for 2020
Advanced Diploma in Research Theory and Practice Closed for 2020

Short and online courses in Philosophy

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If you are new to higher education, you could be eligible for a bursary award. You will also be able to pay your fees in instalments, and you may also have access to part-time student loans.

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Philosophy Tutors

Dr Alex Carter

Alex Carter is ICE’s Academic Director and Teaching Officer in Philosophy. He has over five years of teaching experience in ethics, history of philosophy and philosophy of religion. Alex's ongoing research interests include the theology of Simone Weil and Ludwig Wittgenstein's ethical philosophy.

Philosophy tutors

Philosophy courses at ICE are taught by tutors whose work spans a wide range of areas. Our current tutors’ interests include (to take a few examples) ancient philosophy, philosophy of religion, the nature of time, emotional engagement with the arts, history of philosophy, personal identity, relationships between literature and philosophy of mind, and the nature of communication. Find out more.

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If you're thinking of applying but aren't sure what to expect, why not read what some of our recent students have to say about their experience of studying here?

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