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Aamir Shamsi

Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education student

While working as Senior Clinical Fellow in Cardiology, ICE has offered me the opportunity to study a well-designed, part-time programme tailored to my working life and focused on experiential learning at a world class institution. I wanted to help give my own students a positive learning experience and through this course my teaching has transformed. Deeper levels of reflection and analysis, combined with the theoretical and practical strategies I’ve learned, have greatly improved my teaching delivery. Learning with others has been deeply stimulating and enriched my growth as an educator.


Bharadwaj Chada


Postgraduate Certificate in Healthcare Data and Informatics student

I’m currently working as an Academic Foundation Year Two Doctor in the East Midlands and I’ve been interested in the impact and scope of data-driven technologies in healthcare for some time, so enrolling on this course was a no-brainer for me. For someone at a relatively early stage of their career, the course has served as a great introduction to the landscape of data-driven research within healthcare. I’ve found the sessions to be immensely engaging, instructive and topical too. Because of this course, I’ve secured the prestigious Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (FMLM) National Medical Director’s Clinical Fellowship at my top choice organisation. I’d like to progress onto the Master of Studies course when I’m finished too, which I hope will further my understanding and allow me take more advisory roles and shape digital health policy as my career progresses.


Shaun Thein


Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education student

As a Junior Doctor, I enrolled on this course to become a better educator and chose to study at ICE because of the course’s reputation. The tutors are very passionate and always open to having discussions about different techniques and experiences. Since starting the course, I’ve been able to incorporate many of the skills I’ve learned into my teaching practice. I’ve enjoyed reflecting on the sessions and thinking about the way I use the techniques we’ve discussed – I wasn’t expecting to enjoy homework! I look forward to studying on the Postgraduate Diploma in the future.


Ammar Al Naimi


Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Education student

Although I knew that I wanted to become a better educator, I didn’t know how to reach my goal. The course at ICE has exceeded all of my expectations and reminded me how important it is to have faith. Being able to study whilst working full-time in my role as a Consultant has been invaluable, and meant that I haven’t had to compromise on anything. I’ve loved connecting with my fellow students and belonging to an outstanding learning community, and the staff have all been extremely communicative and helpful too. The skills and knowledge I’ve gained on this course have transferred easily into my daily practice; becoming a student again has already made me a better educator, and for that I’m very grateful.


Bhathika Perera


Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Education student

This course has transformed the way I look at medical education, how I teach as well as how I learn. What once used to be another teaching session is now an exciting teaching and learning opportunity. My teaching is completely different to what it used to be and, since starting this course, feedback from my students has improved. ICE creates an excellent teaching environment, with friendly staff and expert tutors who truly implement theories of medical education into teaching. Despite the pandemic, we continued our course and ICE has shown how teaching and learning can continue despite all these challenges.


Tim Young


Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education student

I’ve been a practicing doctor for 24 years, I have a BSc and PhD and I’m a course co-director of a Clinical Neurology MSc too. I chose to study at ICE because of its reputation; the tutors and my fellow students are fantastic, and the course offers excellent structure and support. It has been nearly 20 years since I last wrote an essay so I was very thankful for the positive and helpful tutor feedback I received for my assignment essay on the course. I’m already starting to see the benefits of the course and my studies have transformed my teaching practice significantly.


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