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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)


Jack Leeson

Jack is studying on the Undergraduate Certificate in Classical Studies 


"I am History Subject Lead in a primary school as a Year 5 teacher and wanted to up-level my subject knowledge around the Greco-Romans and Classical Civilizations to ensure of a substantive knowledge across the curriculum. I have been exceptionally impressed with the provision on the course. It became clear from the outset whilst looking through the Virtual Learning Environment and after the first lecture, that Daniel was delivering a top-rate student experience: not least due to his brilliant responsiveness to his learners, quality curriculum design and overall clear focus on high-quality teaching and learning. The education is fabulous value for money, and I am exceptionally grateful for the bursary from ICE which allowed me to study for the qualification that will help me improve the teaching of history and classics across my Academy Trust."





Bethan Thomas

Bethan is studying on the Undergraduate Certificate in Classical Studies  


"I am Head of English and Literacy at a school in South Wales and wanted to study for professional development. I found the course to strike a good balance between freedom and instruction. The tuition was fantastic, the resources were easily accessible and plentiful, and the course structure was well considered and challenging. I have thought the whole experience exceptionally valuable, and I am already looking into more options for further study. Applying for the bursary was straightforward and self-explanatory. Furthermore, the bursary has helped me access the education I so greatly wanted and gave me the confidence to approach this new subject. I hoped to further my knowledge and studies in advising and teaching Classical Studies, and the certificate has given me the confidence to do so. I also hope to research connections between Classical and Welsh myth in the future, to bring the studies back to my roots."




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