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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)


Suzy Lantz

Suzy was the Women's University Club of Seattle Leader and has brought a group of students to the Summer Programme for several years. Having passed the baton, Suzy is looking forward to attending as a student this summer. 




What a pleasure on so many levels to have the “job” of bringing a group of adult learners to the University of Cambridge International Summer Programme. ISP makes it easy to recruit people who love to learn: from their registration for classes and accommodation to the final request for evaluations (which are taken seriously), every step students encounter is organised and accessible. I have been bringing groups of 10 – 20 since 2010 and each year gets better. The professors are noteworthy, the plenaries expanding, and the social interaction among people of many countries of many ages one of the best parts. The staff is good humoured, well informed, and helpful, making all of what they do look effortless. If the mark of excellence is returning students, then the University of  Cambridge Summer Programme gets top marks. In fact, I have so many returning students who take the new people under their wings that I have decided to retire at last, turn my job over to others, and become a full time student myself. I can’t wait to sit in those classrooms, walk into Cambridge, meet up with the group at the pub before dinner, and find time to slip away to Grantchester. Even though the students I bring are adults, this programme is life changing for many of them academically and socially. Thanks to all who have made it so memorable to so many – for one hundred years!



Chun-Yi Tseng

Chun-Yi Tseng from Taiwan studied Science courses on the 2019 programme. 




I've always wanted to explore subjects related to the course which I'm studying in university back home (ie Medicine). The Summer Programme at Cambridge offered courses that aligned perfectly with my interests. Most importantly, the wide variety of lectures, seminars and talks available for participants in one of the best universities were the few reasons which I found irresistible. I was able to be challenged in the way I think about different subject matters; and most importantly the programme developed my ability to learn independently whilst I prepare for the option essay component to evaluate my understanding. Attending the Summer Programme was the first step for me to venture beyond my own subject field that I study in university. I wasn't learning for the sake of examinations or anything, but purely to broaden my perspectives and develop knowledge in a related subject matter. I've realised just how fun, exciting and life-changing active learning can be.



Leeanne Moriarty

Leeanne came from Australia to study on the Business and Entrepreneurship Summer Programme in 2018. 




As a mature aged scholar, I think I discovered that what I knew was valuable, but that I also had the capacity to still learn without being intimidated by the lecture theatre environment filled with mainly younger students. I realised I could interact with others who were more than half my age, and learn from them - especially in this digital age. In addition, I realised that my experience was of interest to them also, and that we all had something to contribute towards our group discussions, projects and assignments. The course I selected offered me a chance to refresh some of my knowledge, learn and upskill in areas I knew little about, plus work with fellow students who taught me as much as I taught them. The best decision I ever made was to study at Cambridge for the 2 weeks of my Summer Programme course. My course-mates still keep in touch - for almost 5 years now. We celebrate our fellow students' achievements, whether they are work/study related or in their personal lives. We are still a family.



Ben R Wiley

Ben accompanied students from Florida from 1996 to 2014 and attended Summers as a student of Literature in 2015, 2017 and 2019, and Festivals in 2020, 2021.




My experiences remain a hallmark of my professional and personal life. As a professor accompanying undergraduates to the programme for almost 20 years, I watched my Florida students respond to the delights and challenges of the Cambridge programme. As a lifelong learner, I chose to return to that idyllic place and walk in the same paths as Virginia Woolf, E M Forster, Wittgenstein, Watson & Crick, and so many other literary, cultural, historic notables. I took courses mostly in literature but also in art and history. I’ll not soon forget the summer that Stephen Hawking was a featured presenter, or the summer we all celebrated Darwin’s 200th birthday. All teaching is offered by Cambridge professors so you can be sure of top-notch, cutting edge, reflective and provocative course material and discussion. Living in College yourself, is like being dropped down in Harry Potter World, encountering the other 30 Colleges and gardens, browsing the numerous bookshops, marvelling at Kettle’s Yard and the Fitzwilliam Museum, exploring the Cambridgeshire countryside on a bicycle, taking tea at Grantchester Orchard, beer with fish and chips at the Anchor Pub, a vindaloo at the Maharajah all make the Cambridge summer a memorable time.



Luiz Felipe Cursino de Moura Guarnieri

Felipe joined us from Brazil last year selecting courses in Politics, Economics, History and Science.




The programme is about 3 things: (1) the knowledge, (2) the place and (3) the people. Firstly, the programme is flexible and you can make your own choice of subjects that most interest you; moreover it’s an opportunity to be in touch with cutting-edge knowledge from professors and researchers that are experts in their subjects. Secondly, to live in Cambridge, to have the opportunity to do everything by walking or cycling is amazing; there are so many interesting places to go, and to go with the people from the course. Thirdly, the diversity of people is amazing, people from all over the world, (in my year that meant 48 countries) and from many backgrounds, scientific, business, arts, young people who just left undergrad, senior people, professionals, war refugees (Ukraine). The people are part of the learning and the experience - without them, the experience would still be fantastic, but incomplete.



Evelina Komarnytska

Evelina Komarnytska from Ukraine was a student in 2022 taking courses in Business and Astronomy.




Honestly, I was enjoying the best days in my life during this Programme. I have appreciated all the efforts from professors and their contributions to our study journey there. People, accommodation, our Friday dinners - it was great! During traditional dinners, I felt like I was in a movie. These memories will stay with me forever, I am sure. My dream is to bring my kids in the future to study in Cambridge and spend the holidays by taking courses at the Summer Programme. The lectures tried to explain things that were difficult at first glance in a very accessible and simple way. And especially Astronomy and space science - gave the opportunity to plunge into a magical and scientific world at the same time.