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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)


Cristian Cristez 

Cristian has studied multiple online short courses at ICE and plans to study more in the future.


"I work in hospitality and have a great interest in a variety of subjects. Studying online at ICE appeals to me for a multitude of reasons: the easy, distance learning, no high pressure study, world class tutors and array of interesting subjects. I aspire to grow as a person, and studying with ICE helps me to do this. I feel like every course I took helped me to better understand not only myself, but the world around me. The biggest challenge for me when learning is time. Having time to participate when I can and not at specific hours helped me to continue my education at a world class institution. To anybody considering studying at ICE, do it. No matter your lifestyle, there is a way to integrate your studies around it."


Daniel Adamson

Daniel has recently finished studying on our online course 'Britain and the Holocaust: the legacy of Holocaust in Britain since 1945' and is currently completing a PhD in the field of Holocaust studies. 


I studied on the online course Britain and the Holocaust: the legacy of the Holocaust in Britain since 1945. I was impressed by the accessible course format, especially during lockdown, ensuring that I could devote full attention to the enriching content. I enjoyed the opportunity to interact directly with, and by educated by, leading experts in their field. Equally, the course allowed for some very interesting discussions with other course members and as such, the course felt fully interactive. It has been very effective in shedding new perspectives on the topic as well as offering a platform of interaction with others in a time where social encounters were limited. It also ensured that I was able to remain engaged with my own area of academic interest during a period when other academic institutions had partially shut down.



Wes Barker

Wes studied the Executive Coaching online course. 


I chose to study the Executive Coaching online course at ICE because the course content seemed to be the best out there, and the lecturers were all experts within their chosen fields. The structure of the course and quality of learning materials have been excellent, and I’ve particularly enjoyed the opportunity to study alongside, and learn from, likeminded individuals. This course has given me a sense of direction and allowed me to set goals for my future self-development. I’ve realised just how important these skills are when supporting, mentoring and advising business leaders and safety professionals alike. So much so that I’ve signed up for the Undergraduate Certificate in Coaching!



Divya Katty

Divya studied a Creative Writing online course. 


I chose to study this course to become a better and more confident writer, and to finally share my words with the world. The quality of teaching was excellent and I loved studying alongside my peers, getting to know them and read their work. Writing is my way of connecting with the world and building a shared narrative of our lives. This course was my first step towards translating my experiences into words and I’m so excited for my journey as a writer!



Janet Harrison

Janet studied on our Life Coaching online course.


I chose to study at ICE due to its excellent reputation and first-class tutoring from Keith Nelson. Not only have I gained new knowledge and skills but there is a great mix of students on the course, and I’ve formed connections with many professionals. As an adult learner, a short course can change your attitude and life. It doesn’t need to be certified to do this. Studying this course has given me the clarity and confidence to decide to start Life Coaching as a business.



Ingo Wickop

Ingo has studied on the Introduction to Roman Republic and Introduction to the Roman Empire online courses.


Since I dropped out of university to pursue a career in journalism, I have been missing the academic environment, but ICE makes it possible for people like me to re-join this path. ICE offers a great variety of topics and courses which were hard to find elsewhere, so much so that I struggled to choose which course to take at first. Although I was worried about having lectures and weekly seminars in a second language, the structure and content of the seminars makes it easy for everyone, regardless of background. I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to engage with like-minded people from all over the world who are driven by the same thing: curiosity. My lecturer has even encouraged me to go back to university to try the Certificate in Classical Studies, something I’m seriously considering at 51.



Manolita Foster

Manolita studied on the Adventures in Fiction Writing online course


I have a Bachelor’s degree and a PGCE, and I chose to study this course to gain a better understanding of how to move forward with my novel. This course encouraged me to become more experimental and I have stepped outside of my comfort zone, producing work in styles I never would have previously considered. The feedback I received was really useful and, although the course was short, it helped me gain insights into what and more importantly how I approach my writing.



Reginald Young

Reginald has studied on a number of our Creative Writing online courses, including an Introduction to Life Writing and Nature Writing.


I’ve always had a curiosity to learn so when I retired I decided to enrol on an online Creative Writing course at ICE and have since gone on to complete courses in Life Writing and Nature Writing too. The guidance and feedback given to me by my tutor has significantly improved my work and I have now written several of my own stories. Studying at ICE has given me the opportunity to interact with like-minded people people, express myself and has significantly improved my self-confidence. I truly feel like I fit in, something I wasn’t expecting.



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