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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)

Holocaust studies at ICE

Britain and the Holocaust: online courses at ICE

27 September 2022

The University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education is pleased to announce the return of our online courses on the topic of Britain and the Holocaust . During the academic year 2022-23, the series of three courses begin in October 2022 with The Refugee Crisis of the 1930s and 40s taught by Dr Rachel Pistol, a...

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Summer programme students in conversation

Enriching and exciting – the International Summer Programme is back!

12 September 2022

More than 500 students – aged from 18 to 80+ and from 48 different countries – gathered in Cambridge this July as the International Summer Programme returned to in-person teaching. We joined students and course directors for a day to discover what they’re loving most about learning and living in Cambridge. It’s another hot...

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Dr Peter Dixon illustration

Introducing our tutors: Dr Peter Dixon

12 August 2022

Dr Peter Dixon Course Director, Undergraduate Diploma in International Relations Why should people study your subject? To understand the reasons why governments and others find it so hard to develop cooperative solutions to global problems like climate change, pandemics and violent conflict. What is your academic or...

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Illustration of Carina

Introducing our tutors: Carina O'Reilly

24 June 2022

Carina O'Reilly Tutor, Undergraduate Certificate in Politics Why should people study your subject? Politics as a topic underpins everything that happens to us and sets out the boundaries of what is practically possible in policy terms. Political theory explores how we think of ourselves and how we should live as a society...

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Illustration of Raj Bali

Introducing our tutors: Dr Rajeev K.Bali

24 June 2022

Dr Rajeev K.Bali Course Director, Undergraduate Certificate in Strategic Business and Management What is your academic or professional background? My academic and professional backgrounds have always been hybrid in their nature and approach. Originally spanning management and technology, this quickly evolved into...

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Illustration of Alycia Pirmohamed

Meet the tutor: Alycia Pirmohamed

24 June 2022

Alycia Pirmohamed Teaching Associate, Creative Writing What is your academic or professional background? I came to writing and academia in a slightly roundabout way, having first received a BSc in biology. Immediately after my undergrad, I did my MFA at the University of Oregon, which had a strong critical component. There...

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Illustration of Joe Reed

Introducing our tutors: Joe Reed

24 June 2022

Joe Reed Teaching Associate, Creative Writing Why should people study your subject? If you want to write, as so many people do, you don't necessarily need to do so in an academic environment. However, it can really help! The courses we offer here are ICE give students a structure in which to complete their projects. We...

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Ancient Greece

Bringing classics to life for all 

23 June 2022

If you thought classics study was a relic of the past, think again. Inside ICE takes a closer look at ICE’s digitally delivered Undergraduate Certificate in Classical Studies and notes the subject’s deep resonance for the world we live in today. Digging into the past to make sense of the present ICE’s Undergraduate...

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Lightbulb above a group of people to represent entrepreneurship

Developing the next generation of entrepreneurs 

23 June 2022

This autumn sees ICE launch a new Undergraduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship: Venture Creation. Why has the Institute designed a course aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs? Course creator, one-time Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year and O’Bleness Professor of Entrepreneurship at Ohio University, Prof. Luke Pittaway...

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Student on archaeology excavation trip

ICE archaeologist unearths WW2’s dark heritage 

23 June 2022

In spring of this year, ICE’s Academic Director in Archaeology, Dr Gilly Carr, led a rare opportunity to excavate at a former Nazi concentration camp, taking two current ICE students along with her. Ravensbrück was the largest women’s concentration camp in the German Reich – of more than 140,000 people imprisoned there...

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