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Alexia Michalaki

MSt in Advanced Subject Teaching student


I am a secondary school History teacher with a particular interest in improving my students’ knowledge retention. The support from ICE and our tutors on the MSt in Advanced Subject Teaching is truly amazing. As professionals and part-time students, we are given enough time to study and prepare for our essays, there is always additional support should we require it and the people behind the course understand our challenges. From the moment I joined the course, the way I approach teaching changed. I want to share my knowledge with colleagues and students and make a meaningful difference in my school. I am now looking to move into a role with more responsibilities especially in the area of curriculum planning and assessment.


Christopher Shaw

MSt Advanced Subject Teaching student


I never thought I would be able to study at the University of Cambridge, but my preconceptions have been blown away by the nurturing and supportive environment at ICE. The Master of Studies in Advanced Subject Teaching is making me a better teacher and Head of Department. The residential weekends offer a unique opportunity to hear from respected academics, my course tutors have been supportive and challenging in equal measure, and it’s a privilege to discuss pedagogy and educational research with colleagues from a diverse range of schools and backgrounds. This horizon-expanding course has already improved my ability to evaluate a variety of texts and helped me secure a research pioneer secondment within my school.



Vicki Bailey

MSt Advanced Subject Teaching student


I'm really enjoying the challenge of being a teacher-researcher; without studying for the MSt in Advanced Subject Teaching at ICE, I wouldn't have known where to start! This course has definitely pushed me to think critically about my teaching methods as well as giving me the opportunity to engage with the subject as a student again. I've loved staying at the beautiful grounds of Madingley Hall as well as working with experts in the field and making friends with the other teachers on the course.



Rhea Somerfield

MSt in Advanced Subject Teaching student


Spending time at ICE has made me a more confident practitioner and a better historian by forcing me to ask deeper questions about the subject and profession that I love. Getting to combine them both in a Master of Studies here is wonderful and I feel extremely blessed to be immersed in such world-class teaching. I hope to use what I’m learning to help other teachers grow and to improve the way our young people experience history in the classroom. I have already shared some of my research with other schools and teachers with the aim of encouraging young people to understand and own their local history.



Samantha Orciel

MSt in Advanced Subject Teaching student


I was born and raised in Gibraltar and now I’m Head of English at a Norwich school. I wanted to develop my knowledge and research to create the best possible outcomes for my A-level students. I chose ICE because it is one of very few places that provide world-class teaching for people working full-time. The support and the camaraderie have been incredible and I’m already seeing the impact of the course in my classroom. It has helped me re-think our school curriculum so that, as well as getting great exam results, we don’t lose sight of the subject’s inherent joy. Studying at ICE has unquestionably reignited my passion for teaching English.



Sophie Lownds

MSt in Advanced Subject Teaching student


My experience on the MSt in Advanced Subject Teaching has been both enriching and challenging! At first I was nervous about returning to university, but the course cohort and lecturers were so supportive and passionate about what they do that my nerves soon dissipated. The course has reawakened my academic curiosity and made me rethink the way that I approach certain topics in my classroom. Working in the most deprived area of the UK means that most of my students have never considered attending university themselves and have no family members who have attended. As I too was the first of my immediate family to attend university, I hope that I can inspire them to believe that you can achieve anything with hard work and perseverance.



Deborah Morgan

MSt Advanced Subject Teaching student

The experience I have had on the MSt has been highly transformative, both personally and professionally. It has really ignited my academic curiosity. All of the course leaders are highly supportive. I have also found that studying alongside teaching full-time has been highly enriching for my own practice and wider knowledge of educational theory. Indeed, my perspective on the very nature of the subject has changed significantly as has my confidence in my own ability. This confidence led me to make the decision to apply for a full time PhD to continue with academic research. I have been successful, and this is undoubtedly a consequence of the supportive and enriching environment of the MSt.


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