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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)


Robin Cantwell

Robin studied the Master of Writing for Performance

 As an emerging playwright and fiction writer, what appealed to me most about this course at the Institute of Continuing Education was the breadth of choice; I had the option to write for radio, television, film and gaming and much more. Our cohort was blessed with two wonderful lead tutors in Clare Bayley and Fraser Grace, who are both playwrights, making this a personal plus for me. From experience, it is invaluable to learn from practicing writers who can offer both dramaturgical advice and professional industry experience. Studying with ICE has helped me form lifelong friendships with my cohort. We now regularly write together and even arranged our own Year Two module in Cambridge. 

To anybody considering studying at ICE- I urge you to get involved with university life; Cambridge has a thriving theatre scene to immerse yourself in. I especially recommend Downing College’s Festival of New Writing, which allows you to showcase a piece of original work in front of an industry panel. 



Linseigh Green 

Ruby studied the Master of Studies in Creative Writing 


"If you have always been haunted by the itching desire to paint worlds with language; if the words stirring within your mind are bubbling over; if your stomach aches every time you neglect your craft, this is the course for you. It holds you accountable and challenges you to push your writing to new limits.  Writing has helped me articulate and process phenomena that I have spent years struggling to make sense of. It has helped me settle ghosts. I am always inspired by hidden stories becoming easily obsessed with the lives of marginalised people who coloured outside the lines of what ‘people like them’ were doing in the past."




Ruby Keane

Ruby studied the Master of Studies in Creative Writing in 2019


This is my dream course in my dream location. As an ex-president of Cambridge Footlights, writing and performing are my real passions, so I loved the idea of studying Creative Writing at Madingley Hall. The residential periods mean students get to know each other very quickly and form a supportive community. It’s great to be exposed to so many different voices. The tutors and guest speakers were all published writers who could provide invaluable information, not just about the craft of writing but the admin and publishing too. I’m happy to have immersed myself in genres I never thought I’d like. This year I’m looking forward to performing my debut one-woman comedy show at the Edinburgh Fringe.



Jill Damatac

Jill is studying on the Master of Studies in Creative Writing. Jill


Having spent my ‘university years’ building up professional experience, I’m late to higher education. I’m so glad programmes like this exist, allowing for growth and exploration no matter where you are in life. I chose this master’s to sharpen my writing and critical thinking skills. I’m also hoping to make progress on a book idea – the course has been so inspiring for this. I love the quality of teaching, the amazing support staff, and being immersed in the subject. The beautiful grounds don’t hurt, either! I’ve found more confidence in my own writing here and am submitting coursework for publication. I’ve already had one story published – fingers crossed for the others!



Judy Reith

Judy studied on the Undergraduate Certificate in Creative Writing: Creative Non-Fiction in 2019 Judy story


I left school with 2 A-levels and no hope of going to University, but since then, I’ve had 20 years as a successful parenting and life coach. I’ve written a number of parenting books and taken courses at ICE before, but I wanted to take this qualification ahead of writing a new book about my own parents. I hope to boost my skills to become a more courageous writer and spend time discovering other genres. I really enjoy learning and laughing with inspiring fellow students of all ages and backgrounds. It also feels great keeping up with people who have far more academic qualifications than I.



Filo de la Llata

Filo has studied several Creative Writing courses at ICE, most recently the Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing: Advanced Non-Fiction in 2019. Filo story


In my opinion, ICE may be the best place to improve the creative writing skills required for a successful writing career. The content of the first certificate I studied was excellent, so I’m building on that with a diploma. The teaching staff are always available for help and advice, and the feedback I get and the people I’ve met have had a really positive influence on my skills. The support has also improved my success as the founder of a publishing company. Taking classes at Madingley Hall is such a memorable experience. I can only recommend anyone interested in enhancing their writing skills to study here at ICE.



Scott Andrew Christensen

Scott studied on our Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Creative Writing in 2019. Scott


Studying on the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Creative Writing has opened the doors to new, deeper queries, incorporating both my personal creative writing pursuits and my professional development in the teaching field. The strength of guidance and resources available has been a really positive aspect, as has the opportunity to meet and study alongside like-minded students




Mark Galvin

Mark is studying on the Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing Mark


By studying Creative Writing, I hope to grow and develop creatively. Coming from a Council estate in London, I didn’t feel I had the same access to higher education as some other young people, and I’ve had to work hard to get to the position I’m in today as a senior IT professional. Here at ICE, having the support of a knowledgeable tutor, a structured programme and a positive learning environment has been invaluable. I’ve been inspired by some excellent staff, the visiting authors and a diverse and talented group of fellow students. There’s something truly unique and uplifting about studying at Madingley Hall.



Gemma Church

Gemma studied on the Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing.


With two Masters degrees in Physics, I began my writing career at a science magazine and now have more than 15 years' experience as a freelance science and technology writer. I love my job but always wanted to branch out into something more creative. After completing several, short courses with ICE, the diploma seemed like the natural next step. The quality of teaching is second-to-none and the course has pushed me to try new writing styles, genres and books. The classes are also a great opportunity to share ideas and opinions with other students and their feedback, with that of my tutors, has been invaluable to help me improve my writing. I entered a short story competition after the first term and my entry is now due to be published in an anthology, and I’ve also started plotting out and writing my first novel. That’s a sentence I never thought I’d write! There’s still an incredible amount of work to do but the Diploma has given me the tools and guidance to make a start.



Bogdan Popescu

Bogdan studied on the Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing.


I have two postgraduate degrees, in electrical engineering and finance, but decided to explore another path which was closer to my personal interests. The curriculum and professionalism of the tutors are great, and I really enjoy the peer-to-peer learning from fellow students. Since starting my course I’ve already made significant progress, not only with my writing skills but I’ve noticed improved self-confidence and I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone too.



Gimara Duncan-Rice

Gimara studied on the Undergraduate Certificate in Creative Writing.


An artist by trade, I decided to study at ICE for professional development purposes. Although I am accustomed to writing for scientific purposes, I wanted to develop my art writing skills. Academic writing requires more precision, objectivity and economy whereas creative non-fiction can be more flexible. Through the course, I have found a community of creatives whose passion for writing is similar to my own. I particularly enjoy the freedom to play with different writing styles, and since starting the course I have published my first piece of writing.



Chris McDermott

Chris studied on the MSt in Writing for Performance.


I graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Cambridge in 1976. Since then I have worked as a teacher, a Head Teacher and a professional writer in England and the UAE. I received an email from ICE about this course and thought it sounded perfect for me. The friendliness of the staff, contact with other students and quality of learning has all been outstanding. I’m hoping to develop my professional skills as a writer, and I feel that I’m already better equipped to be a playwright for radio. It turns out I can write more seriously than I thought. My advice for anyone considering enrolling on a course at ICE would be to just go for it, you never know what you can achieve and you may surprise yourself!



Beth Brown

Beth has studied on the Undergraduate Certificate and Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing.


Studying at ICE is the first time that I have been able to connect with like-minded individuals who share the same passion for creative writing as I do. The tutors are incredible and I’ve already seen a huge improvement in my confidence. The course has given me the courage to enter writing competitions, something I never would have dreamed of before, and I’ve realised that I’m much more capable than I give myself credit for. I get excited for every week’s lecture, and can’t wait to see where the rest of the course takes me.



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