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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)


Jean-Michel Ballay

Jean has studied with ICE numerous times, completing the Undergraduate Certificate in Archaeology of Ancient Britain back in 2018, and the Undergraduate Certificate in Archaeology of the Ancient World in 2019, as well as a number of short courses. 


I was born on the banks of the Loire, in Angers, and I’m now a deputy Head Teacher at a London junior school. Working full time, dealing with family life and studying can be a strain, but ICE has a setting highly conducive to learning: the right landscape, infrastructure, resources and top-notch expertise. Archaeology satisfies my curious mind. It’s not just about artefacts, it’s about knowing where you come from as a human being.



John Williams

John is currently studying on the Undergraduate Certificate in Historic Building Conservation


This year, I plan to retire from financial crime assurance and pursue something different, which is why I’m learning new skills. If all goes well, ICE gives me the opportunity to follow a pathway through to a Master of Studies in Building History. My first experience at ICE was a History of Art Diploma. The course was the perfect combination of location, timing and content. Lecture days are a great opportunity to discuss topics with knowledgeable tutors and other students, and they also enforce some helpful motivation. It’s very satisfying to have an award from such a prestigious University, and the staff here were wonderful in supporting my studies through a family bereavement too.



Natalie Aldrich

Natalie studied on the Undergraduate Certificate in The Making of the English Landscape: Landscape History and Archaeology


I chose to study at ICE due to the flexibility of the course and the fact that it could fit around my other commitments. At ICE, we are all treated like adults rather than university students. The staff understand that everyone has different backgrounds and levels of education and teach us in a way that acknowledges and draws on that. I am hoping to gain a greater level of understanding in the subject and sense of accomplishment, and I would like to build on this learning for use in my professional life too. The staff have also been particularly supportive as I have suffered a close family bereavement, and I am able to continue on the course knowing there is no additional pressure coming from undertaking my studies.



Miranda Gardner 

Miranda was a student of the 2022 cohort on the Undergraduate Certificate in Archaeology of Ancient Britain

"As a mature student, I was able to apply to ICE and take part in a program despite being based overseas (in Mexico and Canada) and lacking the time and money for a full-time undergraduate program. I love studying archaeology at ICE. I appreciate that my professors are some of the very same who teach in the University of Cambridge’s colleges, so I feel that I'm getting a real, high-quality education. There are so many options opening up to me because of this program! My main goal is to achieve a Certificate that will help me find work at archaeological digs or in related research. "



Catherine Sprague 

Catherine was a student on the 2022 cohort of the Undergraduate Diploma in Archaeology: Death and the Ancient World. She intends to join the 2023 cohort of the Diploma in Archaeology: Conflict Archaeology and Heritage 

Very little surprises me at my age, but I am always happily in awe. I have found the material and assignments delightfully challenging. I am also deeply appreciative that this entire process is truly tailored for working adults - when one is very young and able to be present in classes, the socializing aspects hold a lot of value. For an adult with a full-time job and/or family, the emphasis needs to be more on the material. I was impressed that the VLE allowed opportunities for students to communicate and work together if it was desired. Still, it also was formatted perfectly for students like myself who did not have a schedule that allowed for joining live discussions or interactions. Being able to watch the professors via pre-recorded lectures and recordings of the live lectures was perfect; I never felt I was missing out on anything. 

My studies at ICE have helped me achieve a greater sense of academic belonging (regardless of age) and opened the door to a lifelong dream of studying with the University of Cambridge.    



Archaeology courses

We have a number of part-time Archaeology courses happening in 2021 including:

There are also a number of short and online courses in this area.

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