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Sneha Genovia Baptista

Sneha is studying on the MSt Architecture Apprenticeship


It has always been important to me to be able to progress my architectural education without having to take a break from working in the industry. The architecture apprenticeship programme is a new and exciting opportunity revolutionising the pathway to qualify as an architect. The apprenticeship route enables me to hone my skills and have direct access to some of the latest technological and material advancements, urban planning strategies and research methodologies at academia, whilst being able to implement and test new techniques learnt at university in my full time job at practical tasks. Therefore the apprenticeship promises to be a much more efficient and valuable method of progressing through the part two and three courses.



Andrei Macaneata

Andrei is studying on the MSt Architecture Apprenticeship


I chose to study at ICE because I find that the best way to absorb knowledge is through practice. I felt that it was important to complete my RIBA part 2 and 3 qualifications whilst continuing my career progression in an architecture firm. Even though I am studying part-time and working in London, I still feel like I’m getting the ‘Cambridge experience,’ being a member of Queens' College, taking part in regular college activities and having fortnight residentials spent in Cambridge throughout the year. The diverse expertise within my cohort makes the course so powerful; we’re all sharing knowledge and learning from one another constantly. Since starting the course, I’ve already noticed that I’ve got increased responsibility at work, enabling me to put my knowledge to the test and bring about a positive impact.



Patty Leo

Patty studied on the Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Practice in Architecture


I have dreamt of becoming an architect since I was a little girl growing up in Peru, and this course and ICE are allowing me to achieve that dream. I’m learning so much every day and am finding that it’s having a positive influence on tasks at work too. The lectures from renowned architects and academics are great, and getting to learn with students across different backgrounds and experiences is a privilege.



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