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Margaret Mckenna

Studies  History of Art and Visual Culture


Since doing the course, I can now look at a work of art of material culture with a completely new eye; understanding how to interpret the object and the relevant context.  I would say my understanding has gone from casual to deeply informed.  Studying has helped me achieve a high level of personal satisfaction and confidence that in my mid 60s I am still able to learn and develop. I felt truly inspired by the young people I met on my studies- they gave me great hope for the future.  



Sarotta Lee 

Studies History of Art and Visual Culture

Through pursuing Cambridge’s MSt in History of Art and Visual Culture, I hope to develop a deeper understanding of current theoretical and methodological approaches. These approaches will enable me to actualize my skills and work on live projects, be it an exhibition, research project, or practical initiative. My advice to students considering enrolling at ICE is taken from Theodore Roosevelt: “Believe you can, and you are halfway there." Trust your instincts because once you've started doing something that you love, nothing can stop you from progressing and achieving lifelong learning. 


Patrick Russell

Undergraduate Diploma in History of Art student


I’ve always had lifelong commitment to learning, having originally gone to university at the age of 25 as a mature student. I retired from teaching seven years ago and decided that a challenging course in an area of interest (History of Art) would be an ideal way to keep my mind active. The fact that it was in Cambridge was a bonus as I know the city well because my son studied here. I feel privileged to study at ICE as the teaching and surroundings are so conducive to continuing one’s own knowledge and interests.



Katherine O'Flaherty

Undergraduate Certificate in History of Art student


As an academic, I know how important it is to keep learning and the quality of ICE programming, instruction, and offerings keeps me coming back. I attended the Summer Programme in 2019 and, since the pandemic has made it possible for me to study virtually, I am now able to pursue my interest in History of Art. I value the opportunity to be in a class with students from all over the world, and the great tutors make every meeting and lecture valuable. I have already gained so much from my studies. At the most basic level, this experience has allowed me to expand my academic horizons and provided the opportunity for deep study in a field outside my own. I have also found many ways to include my new learning into the classes I teach.



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