Weekend courses at Madingley Hall

Our popular weekend courses at Madingley Hall are open to everyone, with most requiring no background knowledge or experience.

  • Study at beautiful Madingley Hall near Cambridge
  • Learn from leading academics in small, informal groups
  • Enjoy award-winning cuisine in our elegant dining room
  • Stay at the Hall or attend as a non-resident

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Available courses

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Title Start Date Status
Revisiting, replaying, re-imagining, re-writing and re-reading: 20th and 21st-century fiction and poetry24 July 2015 Available
Charles Darwin: history and legacy24 July 2015 Available
German Romantic opera around Wagner24 July 2015 Available
Early Netherlandish art in the time of Jan van Eyck31 July 2015 Available
Beowulf and the Old English heroic age31 July 2015 Available
An introduction to landscape interpretation31 July 2015 Available
Wildlife and natural history photography28 August 2015 Available
Beginners' French: in at the deep end28 August 2015 Available
Medieval Latin III28 August 2015 Available
Victorian art, realism and idealism in town and country28 August 2015 Available
An introduction to early Greek philosophy28 August 2015 Available
T S Eliot: beyond The Waste Land4 September 2015 Available
The geological history of Britain4 September 2015 Available
Old English: an introduction4 September 2015 Available
Lady Margaret Beaufort: mother, patron and saint4 September 2015 Waiting list
Time to write4 September 2015 Available
The Sutton Hoo treasure, the Staffordshire Hoard, and the golden age of Old England11 September 2015 Available
Reading Classical Greek11 September 2015 Available
German weekend: Thomas Mann's Der Tod in Venedig11 September 2015 Available
Reading to heal: bibliotherapy and its contexts2 October 2015 Available
English rural writing2 October 2015 Available
Cults, sects and new religions2 October 2015 Available
Reading Classical Latin: The Millionaire's Dinner Party2 October 2015 Available
Beginners' Chinese2 October 2015 Available
Euripides's Medea2 October 2015 Available
Geological disasters: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides and megafloods23 October 2015 Available
Beginners' Polish23 October 2015 Available
Advanced French: Françoise Sagan, ange ou démon?23 October 2015 Available
The Italian Renaissance: new perspectives of man and his world23 October 2015 Available
A brief history of ancient Greece23 October 2015 Available
God and evil30 October 2015 Available
Intermediate Russian: Silver Age of Russian culture (1890–1917)30 October 2015 Available
James VI and I30 October 2015 Available
Double reed players' weekend30 October 2015 Available
Travel writing for publication30 October 2015 Available
William Morris: in pursuit of beauty30 October 2015 Available
Poetry masterclass: in the instants of consciousness2 November 2015 Available
How the Romans spent their leisure time: a day at the races ...and more13 November 2015 Available
Intermediate Spanish: language through culture13 November 2015 Available
Shakespeare's Cymbeline: fairy story, romance, 'late play', tragedy or action movie?13 November 2015 Available
Medical ethics: controversy and consensus in a changing world13 November 2015 Available
The Georgian house13 November 2015 Available
Global security in the 21st century13 November 2015 Available
The evolution of the Hollywood musical20 November 2015 Available
Making of the Anglo-Saxon fenland20 November 2015 Available
Medieval queenship20 November 2015 Available
Roman London: the archaeology and origins of the capital20 November 2015 Available
Early Netherlandish art in the late 15th century20 November 2015 Available
Reading Classical Greek27 November 2015 Available
Exploring galaxies27 November 2015 Available
The Savoy Operas27 November 2015 Available
Wind of change: post-war Britain 1945–196527 November 2015 Available
Advanced French: Gérard Philipe, le bien-aimé4 December 2015 Available
Reading Classical Latin: Tacitus and Horace4 December 2015 Available
Histories and pseudohistories of the post-Roman era: King Arthur, Hengest and Havelok4 December 2015 Available
Social crime fiction: the birth of the thriller4 December 2015 Available
The art of Imperial Russia, 1721–19174 December 2015 Available

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