Weekend courses at Madingley Hall

Our popular weekend courses at Madingley Hall are open to everyone, with most requiring no background knowledge or experience.

  • Study at beautiful Madingley Hall near Cambridge
  • Learn from leading academics in small, informal groups
  • Enjoy award-winning cuisine in our elegant dining room
  • Stay at the Hall or attend as a non-resident

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Available courses

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Title Start Date Status
Ancient cultures of South America19 February 2016 Available
Cambridge wives: influential women in Victorian Cambridge19 February 2016 Available
Early Netherlandish art c.1500: the art and time of Hieronymus Bosch19 February 2016 Available
The social mind19 February 2016 Waiting list
Ritualism and revivalism: a brief history of Victorian religion19 February 2016 Available
New Testament Greek26 February 2016 Available
Daily life and the afterlife in ancient Egypt26 February 2016 Available
Bede and the history of early England26 February 2016 Waiting list
Advanced French: Monsieur de La Fontaine26 February 2016 Available
Immortality and eternity: different conceptions of the afterlife26 February 2016 Available
Reading Classical Latin: Ovid and love11 March 2016 Available
Reading Classical Latin: Suetonius on Caesar11 March 2016 Available
O rare Ben Jonson11 March 2016 Available
John's gospel: where children can paddle and elephants can swim11 March 2016 Available
Viking Britain18 March 2016 Available
The English economy before the Norman Conquest: agriculturalists, artisans and aristocrats18 March 2016 Available
Why are the Americans more religious than the British?18 March 2016 Available
Sustainable Development Goals: what difference will they make to international development?18 March 2016 Available
Intermediate Russian: The 1917 Revolution - facts, fiction, arts18 March 2016 Available
Tracing the origins of the British using genetics, linguistics and chroniclers1 April 2016 Available
The Spanish Civil War1 April 2016 Available
Masters of British landscape from Gainsborough to Goldsworthy1 April 2016 Available
Writing fiction for children of primary school age1 April 2016 Available
Music for the cinema: the neglected art1 April 2016 Available
Prehistoric Britain: an archaeological introduction8 April 2016 Available
Conservation science8 April 2016 Available
John of Gaunt8 April 2016 Waiting list
Advanced Italian: A cultural grand tour of Italy8 April 2016 Waiting list
French crime fiction: from Vidocq to Vargas8 April 2016 Available
In the merry company of Dutch Golden Age art15 April 2016 Available
Intermediate German: Die Berliner Mauer - DDR und Wiedervereinigung15 April 2016 Available
Creative writing for teachers15 April 2016 Available
The promise of Enlightenment15 April 2016 Available
From here to the edge of the observable Universe15 April 2016 Available
The glory of Rome22 April 2016 Available
Divided kingdom: Social class and inequality in modern Britain22 April 2016 Available
English medieval towns: Norwich, King's Lynn, Canterbury and Cambridge22 April 2016 Waiting list
The golden age of Elizabethan music and culture22 April 2016 Available
Rocks, minerals and fossils: an introduction to geology22 April 2016 Available
Poetry masterclass: the play of memory25 April 2016 Available
The poetry of D H Lawrence6 May 2016 Available
Strong-minded women: the 19th-century women's rights movement6 May 2016 Available
The American musical: Broadway to Hollywood6 May 2016 Available
Everyday ethics6 May 2016 Available
IT to computer science: teaching in transition6 May 2016 Available
Reading Classical Greek: Advanced (verse)13 May 2016 Available
Reading Classical Greek: Advanced (prose)13 May 2016 Available
Reading Classical Greek: Intermediate13 May 2016 Available
Reading Classical Greek: Continuing Beginners (Students who began in September 2014 - Group D)13 May 2016 Available
Reading Classical Greek: Continuing Beginners (Students who began in September 2015 - Group E)13 May 2016 Available
The Cambridge Five and the Soviet espionage offensive against Great Britain13 May 2016 Available
The Grand Tour13 May 2016 Available
The pollinators: painting European butterflies13 May 2016 Available
Intermediate Spanish: Barcelona, cultural capital13 May 2016 Available
Urban experience, its history and its prospects20 May 2016 Available
Five young artists on the eve of the Great War20 May 2016 Available
Advanced French: Monstres sacrés du cinéma français20 May 2016 Available
Jewish humour in the films of Mel Brooks and Woody Allen20 May 2016 Available
Introduction to Taoist philosophy20 May 2016 Available
The medicinal properties of plants24 June 2016 Available
Survival and revival: the country house in the 20th century24 June 2016 Available
Hardy: novels into film24 June 2016 Available
The masterpieces of French opéra comique24 June 2016 Available
Cyberpsychology: understanding life in the digital era24 June 2016 Available
Tracing ancestry using DNA1 July 2016 Available
Reading Classical Latin: the pleasures of Horace1 July 2016 Available
Eminent Edwardians1 July 2016 Available
The complete Andrea Palladio: architecture, life and legacy1 July 2016 Available
An introduction to the history of English1 July 2016 Available
Extinctions: crises in the history of life8 July 2016 Available
The Renaissance garden in Britain: nature produces better fruit if cultivated8 July 2016 Available
Learn to read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs8 July 2016 Available
Intermediate French: La France et ses terroirs8 July 2016 Available
20th and 21st-century literature: looking forward, looking back8 July 2016 Available
Capability Brown Conference: Moving heaven and earth5 August 2016 Available

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