Weekend courses at Madingley Hall

Our popular weekend courses at Madingley Hall are open to everyone, with most requiring no background knowledge or experience.

  • Study at beautiful Madingley Hall near Cambridge
  • Learn from leading academics in small, informal groups
  • Enjoy award-winning cuisine in our elegant dining room
  • Stay at the Hall or attend as a non-resident

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If you are attending an International Summer School at Cambridge this year, please see our special information about weekend course attendance.

Please note: there will be a change to the weekend course timetable from 1 August 2014. Saturday afternoon teaching sessions will start at 15.30 and 17.30 rather than 16.30 and 20.30, with dinner taking place slightly later at 19.30.

Available courses

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Title Start Date Status
Reading the landscape: find medieval in modern villages25 April 2014 Available
The geological history of Britain25 April 2014 Available
German language weekend25 April 2014 Waiting list
Liberty, equality and anarchy: themes in contemporary political philosophy25 April 2014 Available
Magic in antiquity25 April 2014 Available
Angels and locomotives: the work and world of Edward Burne-Jones25 April 2014 Available
Writing far from home: colonial short stories of Somerset Maugham and Rudyard Kipling2 May 2014 Available
British gardens between the wars: 1918–19392 May 2014 Available
Oliver Cromwell2 May 2014 Available
Medieval Latin II2 May 2014 Available
Intermediate Spanish weekend2 May 2014 Available
Rome: from city to empire2 May 2014 Available
Poetry masterclass: a quiet mastery5 May 2014 Available
Art, architecture and landscape in Anglo-Saxon England16 May 2014 Available
The Vietnam War: a 50-year perspective16 May 2014 Available
Reading Classical Greek16 May 2014 Available
The little things that run the world: the secret lives of insects30 May 2014 Available
The poetry of T S Eliot30 May 2014 Waiting list
The nature of knowledge30 May 2014 Available
Advanced French weekend: Au pays de Pasteur et de Courbet30 May 2014 Available
Double reed players' weekend30 May 2014 Available
Looking at architecture: a viewer’s guide30 May 2014 Available
Write that play!30 May 2014 Available
Bees, flies and flowers: the ecology of pollination and why it matters6 June 2014 Available
Behind the scenes of history: the ordinary women who helped shape our world6 June 2014 Available
Rocks, minerals and fossils: an introduction to geology6 June 2014 Available
Twentieth-century British artists6 June 2014 Available
Reading Classical Latin: Ovid's Metamorphoses6 June 2014 Available
The haunted mansion in contemporary fiction27 June 2014 Available
Strange meetings: words, music and the First World War27 June 2014 Available
Arthur Harry Church: painting a cross-section of a summer flower27 June 2014 Available
The comedy of Aristophanes27 June 2014 Available
The history of fermentation: yoghurt, beer, sewage and drugs27 June 2014 Available
Calculation: a cultural and historical perspective27 June 2014 Available
Michelangelo to Monet: final statements27 June 2014 Available
The reign of Charles I4 July 2014 Available
The Rake’s Progress: Hogarth, Hockney, de Valois and Stravinsky4 July 2014 Available
Education, education, education: the successes and failures of British schooling4 July 2014 Available
How ritual made the city4 July 2014 Available
Intermediate French weekend4 July 2014 Available
Basic to intermediate Italian weekend4 July 2014 Available
Book collectors and book collecting: the British tradition with some Cambridge examples4 July 2014 Available
The Sutton Hoo treasure, the Staffordshire Hoard, and the golden age of Old England25 July 2014 Available
Music and culture in Elizabethan England25 July 2014 Available
Radical religious ideas in the English Revolution25 July 2014 Available
Wonders of the plant world25 July 2014 Available
The concept of the hero in the operas of Richard Wagner25 July 2014 Available
Crossing boundaries – home, identity and travel: prose and poetry of the late 20th and 21st century25 July 2014 Available
Ancient Egyptian mathematics and astronomy1 August 2014 Available
Jazz improvisation1 August 2014 Available
Kings, courts and country houses: a history of art collecting1 August 2014 Available
'Capability' Brown: the Shakespeare of garden arts1 August 2014 Available
The Roman garden: architecture, illusions and deities8 August 2014 Available
Time to write8 August 2014 Available
Heroes, harlots and holiness: Dutch history painting in the time of Rembrandt8 August 2014 Available
French contemporary poetry: 'je peux?'8 August 2014 Available
Bloody Mary? The reign and reputation of Mary I29 August 2014 Available
Beginners' French weekend: in at the deep end29 August 2014 Available
The philosophy of science29 August 2014 Available
Every picture tells a story: Victorian narrative painting29 August 2014 Available
Wildlife and natural history photography29 August 2014 Available
German language weekend: Arthur Schnitzler’s Traumnovelle and the Viennese Fin de siècle12 September 2014 Available
Reading Classical Greek12 September 2014 Available
Crime and punishment in Victorian England12 September 2014 Available
The castles of the East Midlands and East Anglia12 September 2014 Available
Wagner's Parsifal and the quest for the holy grail12 September 2014 Available
The poetry of Seamus Heaney26 September 2014 Available
Reading Classical Latin: Cupid and Psyche26 September 2014 Available
Making sense of the Book of Revelation26 September 2014 Available
Crime scene investigation and scientific mystery solving26 September 2014 Available
Creative writing for teachers26 September 2014 Available
Migration and climate change26 September 2014 Available
The genius of Michelangelo: a celebration of his life and work10 October 2014 Available
Oliver Cromwell and John Milton: parallel lives10 October 2014 Available
History of English: a continuation10 October 2014 Available
George Whitefield: the unwitting revolutionary10 October 2014 Available
What's in your genome?10 October 2014 Available
Ordinary people and ordinary lives in the Roman world10 October 2014 Available
Playing God? Birth and death at the frontiers of medicine17 October 2014 Available
Advanced French weekend: La Belle Époque, une époque qui finit mal17 October 2014 Available
Intermediate Russian weekend17 October 2014 Available
Painting Paris: French painting, 1860–188017 October 2014 Available
Fungi: friends or foes?17 October 2014 Available
Jocelyn Brooke and Denton Welch: the 'lost boys' of English literature17 October 2014 Available
Buddhism and Islam17 October 2014 Available
International development: old problems and new solutions17 October 2014 Available
Glasgow: second city of empire, art and culture31 October 2014 Available
Intermediate Spanish weekend31 October 2014 Available
Of willows and friends31 October 2014 Available
Materials around us31 October 2014 Available
Crime and passion: Wilkie Collins and the sensation novel31 October 2014 Available
Microcredit: a saviour, a curse, or a temporary palliative?31 October 2014 Available
Poetry masterclass: wit in dark times3 November 2014 Available
King Lear: Shakespeare'’s theatrical artistry14 November 2014 Available
The architecture of ancient empires14 November 2014 Available
Theirs not to reason why: horsing the British Army through two wars, 1875–192514 November 2014 Available
King John and Magna Carta14 November 2014 Waiting list
German Expressionism: art and film14 November 2014 Available
Rhetoric, history and the ancient Greeks14 November 2014 Available
Alfred Hitchcock: his life and films21 November 2014 Available
Inspired by nature: wildlife in the arts21 November 2014 Available
The 'woman question' and the Victorian novel21 November 2014 Available
Edward Hopper: painter of America21 November 2014 Available
Early Christian spirituality21 November 2014 Available
War in the shadows: a comparative study of T E Lawrence and Michael Collins21 November 2014 Available
Basic Chinese21 November 2014 Available
Facing figures: the art of portraiture through time28 November 2014 Available
Reading Classical Greek28 November 2014 Available
Renewable energy and wind farms28 November 2014 Available
Romantic apocalypse5 December 2014 Available
Advanced French weekend: Hector Berlioz musicien et écrivain5 December 2014 Available
Reading Classical Latin: Cicero and Virgil5 December 2014 Available
St Paul's Epistle to the Romans5 December 2014 Available
Musical Impressionism: from dawn to dusk5 December 2014 Available
Eminent Victorians5 December 2014 Available

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