Weekend courses at Madingley Hall

Our popular weekend courses at Madingley Hall are open to everyone, with most requiring no background knowledge or experience.

  • Study at beautiful Madingley Hall near Cambridge
  • Learn from leading academics in small, informal groups
  • Enjoy award-winning cuisine in our elegant dining room
  • Stay at the Hall or attend as a non-resident

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Please note: there has been a slight change to the weekend course timetable as of 1 August 2014. The Saturday evening teaching session now starts at 20.00 rather than 20.30, with dinner taking place half an hour earlier at 18.30.

Available courses

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Title Start Date Status
Alfred Hitchcock: his life and films21 November 2014 Available
Inspired by nature: wildlife in the arts21 November 2014 Available
Edward Hopper: painter of America21 November 2014 Available
War in the shadows: a comparative study of T E Lawrence and Michael Collins21 November 2014 Available
Basic Chinese weekend21 November 2014 Available
Facing figures: the art of portraiture through time28 November 2014 Available
Reading Classical Greek28 November 2014 Available
From the sublime to the apocalypse: Romantic verse and terror5 December 2014 Available
Advanced French weekend: Hector Berlioz, musicien et écrivain5 December 2014 Available
Reading Classical Latin: Cicero and Virgil5 December 2014 Available
St Paul's Epistle to the Romans5 December 2014 Available
Musical Impressionism: from dawn to dusk5 December 2014 Available
Eminent Victorians5 December 2014 Available
Rome: from city to empire16 January 2015 Available
Protest, defiance and resistance in the Channel Islands, 1940––194516 January 2015 Available
The Zulu and Boer wars: Britain in southern Africa, 1879––190216 January 2015 Available
Understanding Ravenna: the mosaics in context16 January 2015 Available
The nature and existence of God16 January 2015 Available
The Holy Roman Empire, c.1500––180623 January 2015 Available
Shakespeare and the human comedy: 'wandering in illusions'23 January 2015 Available
The myth of Manon: the Abbé Prévost and his imitators23 January 2015 Available
Puzzles and paradoxes in ancient philosophy23 January 2015 Available
Primate communication and the evolution of language23 January 2015 Available
Astronomy through the ages23 January 2015 Available
Reading Classical Greek13 February 2015 Available
Richard III13 February 2015 Waiting list
The poetry of Sylvia Plath13 February 2015 Available
An insight into neurological disease: when brains go bad13 February 2015 Available
Art and architecture in France's Languedoc-Roussillon20 February 2015 Available
Introduction to Chinese language and culture20 February 2015 Available
Having fun with writing20 February 2015 Available
Writing nature: poetry in stone and bark20 February 2015 Available
Introduction to evolutionary psychology20 February 2015 Available
New directions in the quest for the historical Jesus20 February 2015 Available
Lines in the landscape: decoding boundaries27 February 2015 Available
Charles II27 February 2015 Available
Advanced French weekend: Saint-Germain-des-Prés d'’hier et d'’aujourd’'hui27 February 2015 Available
Experimental cinema27 February 2015 Available
A brief history of the medieval papacy27 February 2015 Available
Write about science27 February 2015 Available
Birds in spring27 February 2015 Available
Tyrants and democrats in ancient Greece6 March 2015 Available
Politicising art6 March 2015 Available
The Naval Wing of the Royal Flying Corps, 1912–19186 March 2015 Available
Intermediate Russian: Golden Age of Russian culture (1800-1850)6 March 2015 Available
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: re-reading a classic at 1506 March 2015 Available
The English madrigal: a participatory weekend6 March 2015 Available
Myths and rituals in religion6 March 2015 Available
Ritual and religion in Iron Age Britain13 March 2015 Available
Reading Classical Latin: Caesar and Propertius13 March 2015 Available
Impressionist gardens: painted and planted canvases13 March 2015 Available
Tuning the instruments: George Herbert's poetry13 March 2015 Available
The psychology of everyday life13 March 2015 Available
Introductory Babylonian20 March 2015 Available
Woodrow Wilson and the First World War20 March 2015 Available
The English theatre enters the 21st century20 March 2015 Available
International cinema: key filmmakers and their films20 March 2015 Available
Music and medicine in the 19th century20 March 2015 Available
An introduction to Indian religions20 March 2015 Available
Computational modelling and social systems: a practical introduction20 March 2015 Available
Reading New Testament Greek20 March 2015 Available
Tracing ancestry using DNA10 April 2015 Available
Motherhood, possession and loss: ten women artists10 April 2015 Available
Advanced Italian weekend10 April 2015 Available
The coming of Arthur: King Arthur in text and image10 April 2015 Available
The original Chaucer: a gentle introduction to reading Chaucer in Middle English10 April 2015 Available
How did Christianity begin?10 April 2015 Available
Understanding our Universe10 April 2015 Available
Introduction to Great War archaeology17 April 2015 Available
King John and Magna Carta17 April 2015 Available
A march of pomp and circumstance: art, design and Edwardian society17 April 2015 Available
German weekend: Wilhelm Müller's Die Winterreise17 April 2015 Available
Shakespeare's tragic lovers: Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra, Troilus and Cressida17 April 2015 Available
John Stuart Mill and liberty17 April 2015 Available
Evolution and the fossil record17 April 2015 Available
Poetry masterclass: Nijinsky leaps of the imagination4 May 2015 Available
Medieval palaeography8 May 2015 Available
Intermediate Spanish weekend: language through culture8 May 2015 Available
The poetry of Philip Larkin8 May 2015 Available
Creative writing for teachers8 May 2015 Available
Venice and Rome: music from 1600–17508 May 2015 Available
Reading Classical Greek15 May 2015 Available
The philosophy of space and time15 May 2015 Available
Luke: a gospel for the dispossessed?15 May 2015 Available
Bees, flies and flowers: the ecology of pollination and why it matters15 May 2015 Available
Robert Adam and Neo-Classical-inspired furniture29 May 2015 Available
Hollywood and American foreign policy29 May 2015 Available
Advanced French weekend: La Loire, symbole de la France29 May 2015 Available
Writing fiction for children of primary-school age29 May 2015 Available
Ekphrasis: poetry from art29 May 2015 Available
Unravelling the cancer genome: challenges and therapeutic potential29 May 2015 Available
The plant hunters29 May 2015 Available
Reading Classical Latin: Plautus and Sallust12 June 2015 Available
Constantine the Great: life and legacy12 June 2015 Available
The architecture of Ely Cathedral12 June 2015 Available
Jane Austen: novels into film12 June 2015 Available
Epigenetics: introduction and selected topics12 June 2015 Available
Jazz improvisation12 June 2015 Available
Medicine and miracles in the Roman Empire26 June 2015 Available
Contemporary gardens, 1970–201526 June 2015 Available
Representations of war26 June 2015 Available
Mozart, Salzburg and Vienna: a tale of two musical cities26 June 2015 Available
Philosophy and social criticism26 June 2015 Available
Codes, ciphers and secret messages: an introduction to cryptography26 June 2015 Available
In and out of the workhouse: Victorian and Edwardian poverty26 June 2015 Available
Exploring the cradle of Stonehenge3 July 2015 Available
Eighteenth-century architecture in Britain3 July 2015 Available
The medieval garden: vernacular arts and crafts3 July 2015 Available
The English Revolution, 1638–16623 July 2015 Available
Basic Italian weekend: an introduction to Italian language and culture3 July 2015 Available
Intermediate French weekend: La France insolite3 July 2015 Available
The Baroque concerto3 July 2015 Available
Revisiting, replaying, re-imagining, re-writing and re-reading: 20th and 21st-century fiction and poetry24 July 2015 Available
Charles Darwin: history and legacy24 July 2015 Available
German Romantic opera around Wagner24 July 2015 Available
Early Netherlandish art in the time of Jan van Eyck31 July 2015 Available
Beowulf and the Old English heroic age31 July 2015 Available
An introduction to landscape interpretation31 July 2015 Available

* Not available to book online