Weekend and two-day courses at Madingley Hall

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Our popular weekend and two-day courses at Madingley Hall are open to everyone, with most requiring no background knowledge or experience.

  • Study at beautiful Madingley Hall near Cambridge
  • Learn from leading academics in small, informal groups
  • Enjoy award-winning cuisine in our elegant dining room
  • Stay at the Hall or attend as a non-resident

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Available courses

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Title Start Date Status
Poetry masterclass: Three striking new voices31 October 2016 Available
Roman architecture: a lasting legacy4 November 2016 Available
James VII and II4 November 2016 Available
Science fiction cinema, 1968-8411 November 2016 Waiting list
Outsiders in Shakespeare's Venice: race, religion and sexuality in Othello and The Merchant of Venice11 November 2016 Available
Your face, my fortune: British portrait painting through the ages11 November 2016 Waiting list
Science writing11 November 2016 Waiting list
Early Netherlandish art c.1550: Pieter Bruegel the Elder and his contemporaries18 November 2016 Available
Intermediate Spanish: indigenous cultures from Latin America18 November 2016 Available
Introduction to philosophy: knowledge and reality18 November 2016 Available
Charlie Chaplin: the contradictory genius18 November 2016 Available
Reading Classical Greek: Advanced (prose)25 November 2016 Available
Reading Classical Greek: Advanced (verse)25 November 2016 Available
Reading Classical Greek: Intermediate25 November 2016 Available
Reading Classical Greek: Continuing Beginners (Level 2)25 November 2016 Available
Reading Classical Greek: Absolute Beginners (Level 1)25 November 2016 Available
Reading Classical Latin: Virgil and war25 November 2016 Available
Reading Classical Latin: Cicero against Verres25 November 2016 Available
Advanced French: Comtesse de Ségur née Rostopchine25 November 2016 Available
Curating classical antiquity25 November 2016 Available
Introduction to conflict archaeology13 January 2017 Available
Creating dramatic worlds: an introduction to multi-platform storytelling13 January 2017 Available
Lloyd George: hero or villain?13 January 2017 Available
The operatic phenomenon: a song of love and death13 January 2017 Available
Philosophy and humour13 January 2017 Available
Reading the Pre-Raphaelites12 February 2017 Available
The origins of Stonehenge: new discoveries and fresh perspectives12 February 2017 Available
Creative writing for teachers17 February 2017 Available
Exploring the landscape of the Domesday book17 February 2017 Available
The metropolis: imaging the city17 February 2017 Available
The poetry of Ted Hughes17 February 2017 Available
Presence at work: applying awareness and mindfulness to the workplace17 February 2017 Available
Reading Classical Latin: Livy on Rome17 March 2017 Available
Reading Classical Latin: Juvenal on Rome17 March 2017 Available
Right for your reader: brighter writing means better business17 March 2017 Available
Digging on archaeological sites: an introduction to the theory and practice17 March 2017 Available
Heroes, harlots and holiness: Dutch history painting in the time of Rembrandt17 March 2017 Available
All the living and the dead: James Joyce's Dubliners17 March 2017 Available
Advanced French: Marie-Antoinette, l'incomprise17 March 2017 Available
William Shakespeare and the world of opera2 April 2017 Available
Great modern philosophers2 April 2017 Available
Understanding birds in spring2 April 2017 Available
Further geology: more rocks, minerals and fossils21 April 2017 Available
The Pastons and their England21 April 2017 Waiting list
Advanced Italian21 April 2017 Available
Intermediate German: the concept of 'Heimat' and refugees in Germany21 April 2017 Available
Representing black music: from slavery to hip hop21 April 2017 Available
Religion, spirituality and health: friends or foe?21 April 2017 Available
Reading Classical Greek: Advanced5 May 2017 Available
Reading Classical Greek: Intermediate5 May 2017 Available
The Victorian criminal: from Fagin to Jack the Ripper5 May 2017 Available
Modern science fiction5 May 2017 Available
Remembering WWII in Malta and the Channel Islands2 June 2017 Available
Evolution and the fossil record2 June 2017 Available
English football: culture, class and conflict2 June 2017 Available
The conversion of England2 June 2017 Available
Kings, courts and country houses: a history of art collecting2 June 2017 Available
Daily life in Ancient Rome25 June 2017 Available
The oak in natural history and literature25 June 2017 Available
Vermeer and De Hooch of Delft25 June 2017 Available
Northern lights: the art and landscape of the North7 July 2017 Available
Intermediate Russian: The tale of two Russian cities: Moscow and St Petersburg7 July 2017 Available
Hamlet and the revenge tradition7 July 2017 Available
Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung: a universal vision7 July 2017 Available
The history of science7 July 2017 Available
Relative strangers? The family and households in society7 July 2017 Available

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