Policies and Roles


Policy and Guidance

Information on the University’s policies and guidance relating to graduate studies, that should be observed by all parties concerned with MSt study, can be found on the University’s Student Registry webpages.

Please see an overview of our cancellations policy and our admissions complaints and appeals policy.



Many offices are involved in processing and managing applications to MSt programmes. A description of these offices, and their responsibilities, can be found below.

Registry Office of the Institute of Continuing Education

Co-ordinates the admissions process and makes the official offer of admission.

Institute of Continuing Education

Academic ownership for some programmes. Others are offered, solely or in part, by University Faculties/Departments.

Faculty Degree Committee/Degree Sub-Committee

Recommends the approval of applicants to the ICE Registry Office; approves requests for extensions and intermission, and approves the award of the MSt degree.

Board of Graduate Studies

Drives graduate policy and reviews regulations relating to graduate students.


Provide pastoral care, and make arrangements for award ceremonies, for which there is a college fee set by the college.

Colleges may be able to provide accommodation during required periods of residence, as well as access to other facilities such as libraries. It is worth noting that ICE has accommodation for over 60 people, available in and out of term times, at Madingley Hall.

All MSt students must be a member of a Cambridge College - for more information please follow the link.