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Title Start Date Status
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: re-reading a classic at 1506 March 2015 Available
Beowulf and the Old English heroic age31 July 2015 Available
Luke: a gospel for the dispossessed?15 May 2015 Available
A brief history of the medieval papacy27 February 2015 Available
A march of pomp and circumstance: art, design and Edwardian society17 April 2015 Available
Advanced French weekend: Hector Berlioz, musicien et écrivain5 December 2014 Available
Advanced French weekend: La Loire, symbole de la France29 May 2015 Available
Advanced French weekend: Saint-Germain-des-Prés d'’hier et d'’aujourd’'hui27 February 2015 Available
Advanced Italian weekend10 April 2015 Available
An insight into neurological disease: when brains go bad13 February 2015 Available
An introduction to design thinking and design process20 April 2015 Available
An introduction to Indian religions20 March 2015 Available
An introduction to international development: understanding contemporary issues and themes16 February 2015 Available
An introduction to landscape interpretation31 July 2015 Available
An introduction to the Roman Empire5 January 2015 Available
Applying psychology to the workplace27 October 2014 Contact us
Archaeology: prehistoric and Roman Britain in a day7 March 2015 Available
Art and architecture in France's Languedoc-Roussillon20 February 2015 Available
Astronomy through the ages23 January 2015 Available
Basic Italian weekend: an introduction to Italian language and culture3 July 2015 Available
Bees, flies and flowers: the ecology of pollination and why it matters15 May 2015 Available
Biological Sciences: the story of four billion years of evolution in seven hours8 March 2015 Available
Birds in spring27 February 2015 Available
Cambridge Polar Leaders' Programme18 May 2015 Contact us
Charles Darwin: history and legacy24 July 2015 Available
Charles II27 February 2015 Available
Codes, ciphers and secret messages: an introduction to cryptography26 June 2015 Available
Computational modelling and social systems: a practical introduction20 March 2015 Available
Constantine the Great: life and legacy12 June 2015 Available
Contemporary gardens, 1970–201526 June 2015 Available

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