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Title Start Date Status
King Lear: tragedy and beyond9 January 2017 Available
Wuthering Heights and its afterlife24 October 2016 Available
A plague on both your houses: the archaeology of epidemic disease13 May 2017 Available
A world of words: workshops for writers14 October 2016 Available
Advanced French: Comtesse de Ségur née Rostopchine25 November 2016 Available
Advanced French: Marie-Antoinette, l'incomprise17 March 2017 Available
Advanced German: Marcel Beyer's Flughunde16 September 2016 Available
Advanced Italian21 April 2017 Available
All the living and the dead: James Joyce's Dubliners17 March 2017 Available
An archaeology of the afterlife14 May 2017 Available
An introduction to coaching8 April 2017 Available
An introduction to conflict archaeology and conflict heritage9 January 2017 Available
An introduction to international development: understanding contemporary issues and themes17 April 2017 Available
An introduction to international development: understanding contemporary issues and themes24 October 2016 Available
An introduction to the Roman Empire29 May 2017 Available
Ancient Rome: the city, society and infrastructure12 September 2016 Available
Applying psychology to the workplace12 September 2016 Full
Applying psychology to the workplace27 February 2017 Available
Architecture and ideology: building for status and power22 January 2017 Available
Astronomy day: Galaxies and the expanding Universe13 November 2016 Available
Astronomy day: Seeing the Universe without light13 May 2017 Available
Astronomy day: The multi-coloured Universe25 February 2017 Available
Beethoven and the French Revolution2 September 2016 Available
Beginners' French: in at the deep end2 September 2016 Available
Beginners’ Portuguese: a taste of Brazil, its language and culture26 February 2017 Available
Brush up your French (Beginners/Intermediate)13 May 2017 Available
Charlie Chaplin: the contradictory genius18 November 2016 Available
Child development: a guide for better parenting22 January 2017 Available
Classical Greek workshop25 February 2017 Available
Coaching for managers21 January 2017 Available

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