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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)


What is remote delivery at ICE?

Remote delivery means that there will be no requirement for students to be on site at Madingley Hall or other parts of the University of Cambridge in order to study undergraduate certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas during the 2020-21 academic year.

The full course will be delivered through a variety of online modes.  Whilst this will mean that you will require a computer and good internet connection to study, the intention is that your learning experience will be far less likely to be disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Remote delivery will enable students to study with the University of Cambridge from anywhere in the world and learn flexibly whilst still being able to undertake family and work commitments.

It is our intention to provide an academically engaging, pastorally supportive and socially stimulating experience.  Our courses will contain a mix of live (synchronous) teaching sessions delivered through an online platform like Zoom (these sessions will be recorded, but where possible we hope students will attend in real-time) and pre-recorded materials and activities (asynchronous) that will be accessed through our Virtual Learning Environment (a Moodle VLE).  Peer collaboration and the development of professional and social networks will be facilitated through virtual discussion groups and other educational technologies. 

Our mode of delivery is changing but the academic rigour of our courses remains the same. Students will still experience the intellectual and creative teaching approach delivered and supported by our academic tutors. Our courses will continue to bring together a community of peer learners who will enrich each other's learning experience.

We also continue to offer an accessible and inclusive gateway into the University of Cambridge for learners seeking to engage with higher education for the first time or return after an extended break, or for learners who are seeking professional development or exploring new career possibilities. We are committed to supporting all learners to engage in education throughout their life and are confident that our remote delivery in 2020-21 is a positive way to continue to support learners to pursue their educational objectives.