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The Institute of Continuing Education (ICE) is taking part in the Cambridge Festival of Ideas in 2017 with a varied programme of free events, including an afternoon at Madingley Hall on Sunday 22 October.

Events on Sunday 22 October 2017

The truth of political campaigns on social media

Sunday 22 October, 2.30pm at Madingley Hall

Are political parties targeting you on social media? Can political parties use psychological profiling to tailor messages to different voters? Did these strategies help the Trump and Brexit campaigns? Psychologist Dr Lee de-Wit explores these and other topical questions. (Suitable for ages 15+)

The whole truth? How historical war narratives are created

Sunday 22 October, 3.00pm at Madingley Hall

How do some stories of war become better known than others? This lecture with conflict archaeologist Dr Gilly Carr shows how events of war are carefully selected by museums to form national narratives. (Suitable for ages 12+)

Understanding the early Anglo-Saxon fenland through its place-names

Sunday 22 October, 3.45pm at Madingley Hall

The fenland is generally believed to have been dominated by Anglo-Saxon migrants from the mid-5th century AD to the almost complete exclusion of the existing Romano-British population. In this lecture, Dr Susan Oosthuizen reports on new research which uses the place-names of the region to explore that assertion. (Suitable for ages 12+)

The truth about fatherhood: how paternity was established before DNA testing, 1576-1834

Sunday 22 October, 4.15pm at Madingley Hall

This talk with local historian Dr Samantha Williams discusses how the paternity of illegitimate children was established in the past. How did magistrates decide whether the mother was telling the truth about the identity of her child's father? (Suitable for ages 12+)

The Post-Truth era: Is the truth 'up for grabs'?

Sunday 22 October, 5.00pm at Madingley Hall

It is said that we are living in a 'post-truth era’ and yet, paradoxically, statements about world affairs are made with increasing certainty. By examining the close relationship between philosophy and post-truth, philosopher Dr Alex Carter will suggest ways of mitigating its 'toxic' influence. (Suitable for ages 15+)

Events on Friday 27 October 2017

Decoding the landscape: the example of Toft

Friday 27 October, 10.00am, Toft village

This short guided walk with Dr Susan Oosthuizen explores accessible clues in the landscape to decoding the development of the medieval village at Toft in west Cambridgeshire. Meet at St Andrew's parish church, Toft CB23 2RH. Parking near the church is limited; park in School Lane or on the High Street.

About the Cambridge Festival of Ideas

2017 marks the tenth year of the Festival of Ideas

With hundreds of free events over two weeks, the Cambridge Festival of Ideas is one of the most exciting and dynamic occasions in the Cambridge cultural calendar. The Festival includes debates, workshops, talks, exhibitions and performances, celebrating the arts, humanities and social sciences. Featuring researchers from the University of Cambridge, local public figures and renowned guests, the Festival had something for everyone!

Event date

Sunday, 22 October, 2017 - 14:30
Friday, 27 October, 2017 - 10:00


Madingley Hall
CB23 8AQ