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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)


Cambridge Genomic Medicine Programme - Modular study

Studying individual modules for our Genomic Medicine Programme is a way to gain valuable insight into one of the most important areas of modern healthcare and open up opportunities for further study for award bearing qualifications in Genomic Medicine. Modules available for modular study in Academic Year 2022 to 2023 are listed below.

All modules run as one week teaching sessions (>30 contact hours), followed by a further four weeks of guided study using a Virtual Learning Environment during which time students complete a formal assessment if studying for credit. The modules each carry 15 FHEQ Level 7 credits, equivalent to 150 hours of learning. 

The cost of each module is: Home fee £1250, Overseas fee £3134 **

** see note below regarding HEE funding for eligible applicants

For more about information about the content of each module, please see more information about modules here. Further information about modules and Health Education England (HEE) funding can also be found on the HEE website.

Course Delivery

We are planning to deliver the Genomic Medicine modules for 2022-23 through a combination of in person and synchronous online delivery using Zoom.  You will be expected to attend all teaching sessions in real time whether online or in Cambridge. Additional content and online activities will be delivered through a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). You will be expected to engage fully with the teaching on your course, in addition to participating in self-directed study. Students will require the use of a laptop/computer with webcam, speakers and microphone.
If required, in line with the relevant public health guidance at the time and to ensure the health and safety of students, we may look to utilise alternative teaching formats and will contact you if we expect changes to the course delivery.  

Study for Credit or CPPD?

Each module can be studied for credit or for continuing personal and professional development (CPPD). Please note that HEE funding is only available to students studying for credit.

Studying for Credit: each module, on passing a formal assessment is worth 15 FHEQ Level 7 credits. Credit is a formal, quantified recognition of learning achievement. Students receive a certificate/transcript evidencing the credits gained, which can be used when applying for further award-bearing qualifications (see progression below).

Studying for CPPD: modules can be studied for personal or professional development, formal assessment is not required and students receive a certificate of attendance.


These are the options for transfer forward of credit/modules into a Cambridge award:

  • 1 module at 15 credits may be transferred forward into the Postgraduate Certificate
  • 2 modules at a total of 30 credits may be transferred forward into the two year Postgraduate Diploma or two year MSt in Genomics Medicine

NB: Modules being transferred into an award can usually only be brought forward from the previous academic year.

For transfer of credit towards non-Cambridge awards, you are advised to consult the University where you wish to study as different criteria may apply.

Health Education England [HEE] Funding

If you are eligible for HEE funding then your application for funding is via the University and not direct to HEE.  If you receive a conditional offer of a place, we (the University) will inform you of the amount of HEE funding we can offer and apply to HEE on your behalf. During the application process, we request permission to share your details with HEE so they can progress and approve your funding allocation.  For full details of eligibility, the application procedure and FAQs, please refer to the HEE website here.  Click on a module, read the information on the tabs titled, ‘Funding rules’ and ‘FAQs’.  At the bottom of the ‘Funding rules’ tab click the link to view the ‘the application process for CPPD module(s) or postgraduate certificate’ to view a useful flowchart showing the application procedure. 

Eligibility:  The funding covers all NHS, Public Health England (PHE), pharmacist, laboratory and primary care staff meeting the application criteria.  Those working in academia will also be considered depending on the percentage of time spent working for the NHS.

Important note:

HEE funding is only available for modules that start before 31 March 2023.  All funding is subject to availability and any prior funding you have received from HEE will also be taken into account.

*Where a module is HEE funded then the full cost of the home fee and the first £1250 of the overseas fee) will be covered.

You should make your application to us as swiftly possible in order to secure a place on the module(s) of your choice and secure any available funding.

How to Apply:

If you wish to apply for a place to study on one or more module(s) from our Genomic Medicine Programme, then you should make an application using the links against each module below.

Please submit your application as far in advance of the deadline as possible as modular applications are subject to the same admissions processes as they would be for full awards and this can take several weeks.

Before you start your application, please have your application documents ready.

To apply to study a module for credit you will need:

(for CPPD study you will only require as per points 1 and 2)

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Academic transcripts
  3. Name and email address of two referees
  4. You may need to meet the language requirements for study at Cambridge (see below)
  5. International students must ensure they have the correct Visa documentation, and those in full-time employment, whether in the UK or abroad, to work and study at the same time

Language Requirements for study:

All applicants are required to demonstrate competency in English at a high level before commencing the programme; students whose first language is not English must be able to satisfy the requirements below.

  • IELTS Academic: Overall score of 7.0 (a minimum of 7.0 in Listening, Writing and Speaking; 6.5 in Reading)
  • TOEFL Internet: Overall score of 100 (a minimum of 25 in each individual component)
  • CAE: Grade A or B (with at least 193 in each individual element) plus a Language Centre assessment
  • CPE: Grade A, B, or C (with at least 200 in each individual element)


Please note that there are different links depending on whether you wish to study for credit or CPPD.  Links will only be available when applications are open (applications will normally close 4 weeks prior to the module start date, places are limited):

Module Title Dates Delivery Click link to apply for Credit or CPPD

Omics techniques and the application to genomic medicine


31 Oct - 4 Nov 2022  OnlineOnlineIn person teaching Apply for credit
Apply for CPPD

Bioinformatics, interpretation, and data quality assurance in genome analysis


5 - 9 Dec 2022 In person teaching Apply for credit
Apply for CPPD

Research and statistical skills in genomic medicine


Oct - Dec 2023 Online asynchronous  Apply for credit
Apply for CPPD

Application of genomics to infectious disease


9 - 13 Jan 2023 In person teaching Apply for credit
Apply for CPPD

Introduction to human genetics and genomics

(Gateway part 1)


16 - 20 Jan 2023 In person teaching/online  Apply for credit
Apply for CPPD

Molecular pathology of cancer and the application in cancer diagnosis, screening and treatment 


6 - 10 Feb 2023

In person teaching Apply for credit
Apply for CPPD

Pharmacogenetics and stratified healthcare


27 Feb - 3 March 2023  In person teachingIn person teachingIn person teaching Apply for credit
Apply for CPPD

Counselling skills for genomics


20 - 24 March 2023 In person teaching Apply for credit
Apply for CPPD

Advanced Bioinformatics 


27 - 31 March 2023 In person teaching Apply for credit
Apply for CPPD

Epigenetics and Epigenomics


24 - 28 April 2023 In person teaching Apply for credit
Apply for CPPD

Genomics of Common and rare disease


15 - 19 May 2023 In person teaching Apply for credit
Apply for CPPD


Please note that dates for these modules may be subject to change in accordance with government/University guidelines.

HEE funding is only available for individual modules taken for credit before the 31 March 2023, modules taken after this date will need to be self- or employer-funded.

Gateway to Genetic Counselling

We offer a study package, ‘The Gateway to Genetic Counselling’, designed to prepare healthcare professionals, including nurses and midwives for the increased role and importance of genetics in healthcare and for those seeking eligibility to become registered genetic counsellors.

The Gateway to Genetic Counselling training consists of:

  • An introduction to human genetics and genomics (Fundamentals in Human Genetics and Genomics)
  • Counselling skills for genomics. Please download the Gateway information sheet for further details.

Application for the Gateway to Genetic Counselling and for funding available from HEE England is the same as for study of individual modules, as described above.

Gateway to Pharmacogenomics for Pharmacy Staff

If you are a registered pharmacist or pharmacy technician, you may be able to expand your knowledge and experience to include pharmacogenomics by completing additional training in genetics, pharmacogenomics and stratified medicine.

The Gateway to Pharmacogenomics consists of:

· A full-time week of in-person teaching in Human Genetics and Genomics, followed by the completion of an assessed assignment, accredited through the Institute of Continuing Education at the University of Cambridge.

· A full-time week of in-person training in Pharmacogenomics and stratified medicine, followed by the completion of an assessed assignment, accredited through the Institute of Continuing Education at the University of Cambridge.

· Provision of resources and supervision to facilitate guided-learning

Application for the Gateway Pharmacogenomics and for funding available from HEE England is the same as for study of individual modules, as described above.

Please download the Gateway information sheet for further details.

Associated courses

The Genomic Medicine programme provides the following additional part-time courses and study options:

For further information please contact us via the ‘Ask a Question’ link on the top of the relevant course page.