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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)


If you have a passion for art and visual culture, we can offer a wide range of courses to satisfy your interest. From architecture to abstract via the Dutch Golden Age and portraiture, our tutors will inspire you to view art differently.

Day Schools

6 June 2020 - Now delivered via remote learning
Counter-Reformation, Patronage and Cultural Landscapes Dr Aleksandra Koutny-Jones

27 June 2020 - New date of 12 September 2020
Herbal traditions for health Schia Mitchell-Sinclair, Julie Dore, Meredith Bailey

4 October 2020
One day, one master: Artemisia Gentileschi Dr Aleksandra Koutny-Jones

10 January 2021
One day, one master: Henri Matisse Jo Rhymer

3 July 2021
Leonardo da Vinci: red and white chalks with iron gall ink Nabil Ali

4 July 2021
One day, one master: Leonardo da Vinci Dr Lucia Tantardini

Residential Courses

26-28 June 2020 - Now delivered via remote learning
Colour connections: modern painting in Paris and London Jo Rhymer

24-26 July 2020 - Now delivered via remote learning
Leonardo da Vinci: man the measure of all things Shirley Smith and Craig Gershater

14-17 August 2020
A floral feast: flowers in art, culture and gardens from the ancient world to the modern Caroline Holmes and Twigs Way

17-21 August 2020
The Silk Route Susan Whitfield et al

11-13 September 2020
Introduction to 20th-century architecture Dr Sarah Pearson

16-18 October 2020
Garden History: skill and ingenuity Caroline Holmes and Twigs Way

13-15 November 2020
Early Netherlandish art in the later fifteenth century Dr Sophie Oosterwijk

11-13 December 2020
The body in Art Jo Rhymer

29-31 January 2021
The golden age of Danish art, 1815-1850 Dr Jan Cox

13-14 March 2021
Art and architecture of the Tudors Dr Sarah Pearson and Dr Christina Faraday

16-18 April 2021
Garden History: art and craft Caroline Holmes and Twigs Way

9-11 July 2021
Art, design and Edwardian society Dr Justine Hopkins

9-11 July 2021
Garden History: walking the landscape Caroline Holmes and Twigs Way

16-18 July 2021
From meadows to mountains: Dutch landscape painting in the Golden Age Dr Sophie Oosterwijk

16-18 July 2021
The medicinal use of plants Dr Patrick Harding

If you are interested in furthering your study in this subject area, please see our Award-bearing courses here our Online courses here and our International Summer Programme courses here.​

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