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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)


These courses are an opportunity to explore creative writing. Whether you are developing existing skills or experimenting this subject for the first time our expert tutors will guide and encourage you.

Day schools​

17 October 2020
The keys to creative writing: character Professor Jem Poster

18 October 2020
The keys to creative writing: plot Dr Sarah Burton

14 November 2020
The keys to creative writing: time Professor Jem Poster

15 November 2020
The keys to creative writing: place Dr Sarah Burton

28 November 2020
Creative writing: telling your family story Derek Niemann

29 November 2020
Creative writing: writing made easy Menna van Praag

12 December 2020
The keys to creative writing: dialogue Professor Jem Poster

13 December 2020
The keys to creative writing: narrative voice Dr Sarah Burton

30 January 2021
Creative writing: Historical Fiction Elizabeth Speller

13 February 2021
Writing picture books Dr Pippa Goodhart

27 March 2021
Exploring poetry through reading and writing Elizabeth Speller

16 April 2021
Creative communications: writing for business and finance Josie Cox

17 April 2021
Writing for the modern media: how to write news articles Tony Padman

18 April 2021
Writing for the modern media: how to write feature articles Tony Padman

26 June 2021
Creative writing: the art of editing your novel Menna van Praag

10 July 2021
Introduction to writing fantasy Natasha Pulley

11 July 2021
Creative writing: historical fiction Natasha Pulley

Residential Courses

7-10 August 2020
How to write a play in three days Abi Docherty

14-20 August 2020
Creative Writing Retreat ​Dr Sarah Burton and Professor Jem Poster

15-21 August 2020
Creative Writing Retreat Dr Sarah Burton and Professor Jem Poster

11-13 September 2020
Writing the news Tony Padman

16-18 October 2020
Are strawberry fields forever? Derek Niemann and Stephen Ferron

8-10 January 2021
A short history of creativity Abi Docherty

12-15 February 2021
Poetry masterclass: narrative drive in poetry Roger Garfitt

21-23 May 2021
Introduction to Creative Writing Derek Niemann

2-4 July 2021
Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan Professor Jem Poster and Stephen Ferron

2-5 July 2021
Write a short story in three days Dr Sarah Burton

26-30 July 2021
Wellbeing through philosophy and writing Julie Webb and Elizabeth Speller

If you are interested in furthering your study in this subject area, please see our Award-bearing courses here our Online courses here and our International Summer Programme courses here.

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