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These courses are an opportunity to explore why literature matters. Whether they are guiding you through timeless classics, or offering comment on works springing from your own imagination, our expert tutors invite you to enjoy close reading and interpretation of the texts

Day Schools

22 February 2020
One day, one novel: Sense and Sensibility Dr Jenny Bavidge

28 March 2020
From the book to the screen: a look into the relationship between cinema, literature and theatre Dr Loreta Gandolfi

14 June 2020
Opening up the text: understanding literature from Shakespeare to Kate Tempest Dr Jenny Bavidge and Dr Fred Parker

28 June 2020
One day, one novel: Little Women Dr Jillian Spivey Caddell

13 September 2020
One day, one novel: Margaret Atwood’s Gilead novels Dr Jenny Bavidge

14 November 2020
Shakespeare and magic Valentin Gerlier

15 November 2020
One day, one director: Pedro Almodóvar Dr Loreta Gandolfi

28 November 2020
Beyond Murakami: the essentials of Japanese contemporary literature Dr Vicky Young

31 January 2021
One day, one director: Sofia Coppola Dr Loreta Gandolfi

13 March 2021
Shakespeare and metaphor Josie O’Donoghue

14 March 2021
One day, one novel: Jane Eyre Dr Jenny Bavidge

26 June 2021
Shakespeare and the monarchy Sean McAvoy

27 June 2021
One day, one novel: The Great Gatsby Dr Jillian Caddell

11 July 2021
One day, one director: Quentin Tarantino Dr Loreta Gandolfi

Residential Courses

7-10 February 2020
Poetry masterclass: Carol Ann Duffy - the freedom of invention Roger Garfitt

6-8 March 2020
"The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne": Geoffrey Chaucer and the medieval world Dr Scott Annett

18-19 April 2020
Villains of the 20th century: Moriarty, Havoc, Allgood Dr John Lennard

15-17 May 2020
Shakespeare's rebellious women: The Taming of the Shrew and Much Ado about Nothing Dr Clare Smout

10-12 July 2020
The poetry of 1930s Professor Jem Poster

7-9 August 2020
Britain in the 1960s Dr Colin Shindler

2-4 October 2020
Anglo-Saxon riddles in context Professor Edward James

16-18 October 2020
The Humanities and climate crisis Dr Jenny Bavidge and Dr Simone Kotva

13-15 November 2020
Texts that didn’t make it into the Bible Dr Jane McLarty

27-29 November 2020
Feminism and fantasy by Virginia Woolf: A Room of One’s Own (1929) and Orlando (1928) Dr Claire Nicholson

27-29 November 2020
Animals in film Dr Loreta Gandolfi and Dr Cecilia Muratori

11-13 December 2020
It all started with the Angles, the Saxons and the Jutes Dr Karen Ottewell

8-10 January 2021
Dante’s dark wood: introducing the Divine Comedy Dr Scott Annett

16-18 April 2021
Shakespeare's Falstaff: in the tavern, on the battlefield and in love Dr Clare Smout

30 July -1 August 2021
Cambridge writers and Cambridge readers, 1798-2020 Dr Claire Wilkinson

Weekly Courses

27 February – 26 March 2020
Love and death in Shakespeare’s Rome Valentin Gerlier

22 April – 20 May 2020
Close encounters of the Forsterian kind Dr Edward Allen

Tuesday Courses

4 February 2020 - Morning
Baroque culture Dr Victoria Avery FSA & Dr Rodrigo Cacho

21 April 2020 - Morning
Magical Worlds Valentin Gerlier

21 April 2020 - Afternoon
Magical Worlds Dr Jenny Bavidge

10 March 2020 - Morning
18th-century culture Dr Louise Joy

12 May 2020 - Morning
19th-century culture

9 June 2020 - Morning
20th- 21st-century culture Dr Jenny Bavidge

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