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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)

Applying to start an MSt course, Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma course involves six key stages:

Terms and conditions:

The following states the terms and conditions of use of the University of Cambridge Applicant Portal ("the Applicant Portal"):

  1. For each online application you submit through the Applicant Portal, applicants will pay an application fee via a secure online payment tool. Students applying for an MSt course or a Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma course will pay a £50 application fee (the fee does not apply to Postgraduate modules and the MSt in Architecture Apprenticeship). The application fee payment is subject to a 14-day cancellation period, during which you will receive a full refund. For more information, see the Terms & Conditions of the Application Fee.
  2. You must ensure that the information entered by you within the Applicant Portal is in English Language and uses English-characters only.
  3. You acknowledge and agree that by submitting your application through the Applicant Portal, you are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the information within it. Any incorrect information may result in a rejection of your application at the University of Cambridge's discretion.
  4. By entering information into the Applicant Portal, you give the Institute of Continuing Education (University of Cambridge) permission to access that information prior to the submission of your application for the purposes of progressing your application.
  5. By submitting your application, you give permission to the departments and colleges of the University of Cambridge, Student Registry, and other associated funding bodies identified within the application form, to access the information that you have provided for the purpose of assessing your application.
  6. By submitting your application, you acknowledge that you must provide the University of Cambridge with the supporting documentation of your application, as identified within the Course Directory, via your Self Service account within 7 days of submitting your application. Failure to do say may result in a rejection of your application.
  7. You acknowledge that if you miss the application deadline as identified within the Course Directory, your application will not be considered.
Course type: 
Part-time Master's Degree
Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma
Applying for a course

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