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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)

  1. Concessions and concession codes are non-transferable and should only be used by the person for whom they are intended. They normally apply to the course fee paid for by the student (i.e. to the element of the course fee that you/the student pay yourself. For example, it would not apply to the part of the fee covered by external funding such as from Health Education England (HEE) or the fee being paid by your employer)

  2. Unless otherwise specified, each code should only be used once.

  3. Only one code can be used for each course booking.  The use of multiple codes on a single booking is not permitted.

  4. The fee reducction will normally apply to the cost of a course only (to the fee paid for by the student), but can also be applied to accommodation depending on the concession and the course.

  5. Concession codes cannot be used in conjunction with a gift voucher.

  6. Concession codes cannot be used in conjunction with a Bursary.

  7. Concession codes are normally entered by the customer at the point of booking a course but can also be applied retrospectively to existing bookings by contacting the ICE Admissions team.

  8. Student claiming a concession may be required to provide proof of entitlement, either prior to joining or on commencement of the course. Proof of entitlement will vary between concessions:

    1. Cambridge Alumni discount: Enter the concession code issued by the Alumni office when prompted. We may request to see your Alumni card at the start of the course.

    2. Cambridge University Staff discount: Enter your University payroll reference number when prompted. We may check the information you provide with Central HR.

  9. Exclusions apply for Undergraduate and Postgraduate/MSt courses. Please see for full details.

  10. Individuals who are found to have claimed a concession/discount to which they are not entitled (or are unable to prove their entitlement when requested to do so) will have this discount removed and will be required to pay the outstanding balance before attending the course.  Anyone deciding not to proceed with the course in the event that they have the discount removed will not be entitled to a refund and will forfeit all of the monies paid to date.

  11. Concession codes are time-limited and will automatically expire at the end of their validity period. Where a code has an expiry date it will stop working at 11:59pm (UK time) on the date stated. As long as the discount has been applied to a completed course booking prior to the expiry date of the promotional code, it will still be honoured. 

  12. The Institute of Continuing Education reserves the right to amend or withdraw concessions at any time.

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