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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)


The ICE website ( will, from time to time, set cookies on your computer.

Cookies are small files which sit on your computer and record specific interactions between you and this website, and in some cases, other websites. This information is sometimes shared within the University of Cambridge, and in other cases, third parties.

Below is more detail about the cookies we use, what they record and who the information is shared with. You are of course free to disable cookies.


Cookies set by us

Name Used by More information
__jid All pages ICE Privacy Policy


Cookies set by third party websites

Name Used by Description More information
Google Analytics We use Google Analytics to see how people use our website. This helps us improve it. The data we have is anonymised. Google’s Privacy Policy
  Google Adwords We may track your activity on our website through anonymous cookies, so that we can tailor relevant ads to you as you browse the web. Remarketing ads allow us to reach the people who have previously visited the site and match the right people with the right message. They are distributed through the Google Display network. Google Ad Settings
Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter may use cookies to collect or receive information from the ICE website and elsewhere on the internet and use that information to provide measurement services, targeted ads, and retargeting.  


How to disable cookies

Your web browser will have an option you select which will block cookies. Below are links to popular web browsers, and how to block cookies using them.

Course type: 
Online Course
Part-time Master's Degree
Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma
Professional development
Short Course (1 day)
Short Course (2-7 days)
Short Course (5 wks part-time)
Summer Programme
Undergraduate Certificate/Diploma

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