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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)

This page contains links to the various forms you may need to complete as a student at ICE.

Forms for students studying an award-bearing programme:

Short-term Extension Request Form 

If you are unable to submit your assignment by the submission deadline you can request an extension by completing the Short-term Extension Request Form. You may request a 7 day self-certified extension, or a longer extension (of 2 or 3 weeks) which will require the submission of documentary evidence (e.g. a doctor’s note or letter from your employer). Please ensure you submit your extension request before your submission deadline.

Intermission Request Form
In cases of particular and unforeseen difficulty, such as serious illness of a student or a close family member, or an unexpected change in personal circumstances, you may request to intermit, i.e. to return at a later date to complete your studies.

Mitigating Circumstances Form
If you encounter significant difficulties that substantially affect your achievement, result in late submission, or cause you to miss classes, you should complete this form and submit any relevant documentary evidence (e.g. a doctor’s note). 

Research Ethics Approval Form
If your research project involves the collection of primary data (e.g. interview, ethnographic observation, experiment), your Supervisor will ask you to complete this form.

Student Support Documents (SSD)

The Accessibility & Disability Resource Centre (ADRC) provides advice, guidance, and resources to disabled students (including those with unseen disabilities such as mental health conditions or specific learning difficulties) on ICE award-bearing undergraduate and postgraduate courses. If you would like to access support from the ADRC please complete their online Student Information Form as soon as possible. If you can, please upload your evidence (written in English) within the Student Information Form where prompted. The following link to guidance on medical evidence or diagnostic evidence will help to answer any questions you may have: If you have any questions, then please contact the ADRC NMS team via

Forms for students studying a non-award-bearing programme:

Student Additional Requirements Form (SARF)
We make every effort both to anticipate and to make reasonable adjustments to meet the requirements of disabled students including those with unseen disabilities, including mental health conditions, and specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia. If you are a disabled student please complete the Student Additional Requirements Form, along with any relevant documentary evidence. A member of the Disability Liaison team will be in touch about the support that can be put in place.

Student Complaints Form for non-award-bearing programmes (Stage 2 - Formal Resolution)
Before completing this form, please read the ICE Student Complaints procedure in the Student Handbook. The submission of this form initiates Stage 2 (Formal Resolution) of the complaints process for non-award-bearing programmes.

Student Complaints Form for non-award-bearing programmes (Stage 3 - Review process)
Before completing this form, please read the ICE Student Complaints procedure in the Student Handbook for non-award-bearing courses. You must have completed the Informal Resolution stage and the Formal Resolution stage of the complaints procedure before requesting a review.

Student Appeals Form - International Summer Programmes (Stage 1 – Formal Appeal)
Before completing this form, please read the ISP Appeals Procedure in the Student Handbook. The submission of this form and any documentary evidence initiates Stage 1 of the appeals process.


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