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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)


Keep your mind active and engaged with fellow students on a creative writing online course at the Institute of Continuing Education.

Whether you’re looking to pursue a lifelong passion, enhance your professional development or take up a new skill, join a global community of students from wherever you are in the world. Learn from expert tutors, benefit from stimulating discussion and peer-to-peer support.

25 May - 12 July 2020

An introduction to life writing
Derek Niemann
This course is aimed at anyone who wants to write a biography, memoir or other form of non-fiction. It will use examples and practical exercises to guide students through the skills needed to write interesting non-fiction.

An introduction to writing crime fiction
Timothy Glencross
Crime fiction recently overtook general and literary fiction for the first time as the UK's biggest-selling novel genre. Each week we will examine a different writing technique: plot, characterisation, narrative point-of-view, dialogue, and novel-openings & endings.

An introduction to writing poetry
Dr Joanne Limburg
Poetry is booming, and new poets are faced with an overwhelming range of possibilities, in terms of styles, subject matter, sub-genres and platforms. This course will provide students with a toolkit to help them navigate their way through.

An introduction to writing for children
Dr Pippa Goodhart
This course introduces stories for babies, for early readers, for middle grade and young adults, and challenges participants to have a go at them all, to discuss and share and develop their own ideas.

An introduction to non-fiction nature writing
Derek Niemann
One great way for you to really appreciate nature can be to put your experience down in words. This course will introduce a range of techniques to help those who are keen to explore their back yard and beyond to make sense of nature.