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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)


Richard Rybicki

Richard studied on the 'Philosophy, humour and the absurd' course on our Virtual Winter Festival of Learning


This course was exceptionally well-adapted to the VLE format. The material was presented at the same quality I'd expect from longer ICE courses; it was engaging and accessible while also taught at a high level by an instructor with a broad depth of knowledge across the subject. I came away energised to explore some of the issues drawn into the discussions (especially Continental Philosophy) - much greater impact than one would expect from a one-week short course!



Ekaterina Nadezhkina

Ekaterina studied on 'The Impact of Social Media: historical, cultural and political perspectives' course on our Virtual Winter Festival of Learning


I really like how the course was made - not just giving us the information, but also inviting us to reflect on it, think, read and investigate the subject on our own. Also, the group discussion was really useful and gave a sense of being a part of the class, same as being in the classroom with the peers. The online format allowed me to be part of this great course, though I am living in the different part of the world. I am very satisfied with the way this course was made and conducted!



Linda Cole

Linda studied on the 'Illuminated manuscript masterpieces of medieval England' course on our Virtual Winter Festival of Learning


The Virtual Learning Environment was perfect for the exchange of ideas online. I am so glad that I had this opportunity and would encourage everyone to sign up, perhaps in the summer. The flame of knowledge may be just an ember, but the spark of ICE may be just the catalyst to start a fire for more and continual learning.



Heather Rosemary Lloyd

Heather studied on 'The psychology of adolescence: brain and behaviour' course on our Virtual Winter Festival of Learning


I thoroughly enjoyed this course! Studying at the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education has been such a great chapter since previously achieving my Bachelor of Science degree. It has helped me enormously during lockdown to challenge and motivate myself. Highly recommend!



Angela Heung

Angela studied on the 'Adventures in Fiction: Time' course on our Virtual Summer Festival of Learning


This course exceeded my expectations in every way, from the selected course contents, structure, to the delivery methods (powerpoint presentations, author interviews, video analysis). The professor was very responsive, always addressing students' questions in detail and giving us tailored information and guidance as much as possible. Her professionalism and passion for this subject shines through every session.



Ben Wiley

Ben studied on the course 'Moby Dick: an introduction to a great American novel' on the Virtual Summer Festival of Learning


The pre-recorded lectures were stimulating, beautifully presented, thoughtfully prepared. They were masterful presentations, never ever felt canned or pre-recorded, but came across as fresh and nuanced.



Desiree Vlekken

Desiree studied on the 'An Introduction to Social Psychology' course on the Virtual Summer Festival of Learning


I'm new in this course and it's out of sheer interest that I signed up which I'm glad I did. I also appreciate the teaching method (and subtle humour) which enabled me to brush up my own critical thinking skills considering I finished University 20 years ago. Over-all it was insightful and enjoyable.



Tom Rosenthal

Tom studied on the 'Shakespeare's King Henry V' course on the Virtual Summer Festival of Learning


Superb in every way. The daily presentations were concise, well organised, and a helpful guide to the day's work. Discussion prompts were engaging and elicited a variety of points that enriched the course. It was a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend a week.



Penny Davies

Penny studied on the 'Exploring Water in Contemporary Poetry' course on our Virtual Summer Festival of Learning


Just wonderful. An exhilarating, exciting, invigorating week. A time I treasure which will ripple out into the years to come, not just for me but probably for all concerned. The tutor and the other participants all gave so many helpful suggestions it was a complete joy and has enriched my understanding and knowledge of poetry. Thank you.


Barry Robertson

Barry studied on the 'Writing Fiction: Plot' course on the Virtual Summer Festival of Learning


Really interesting, engaging course lecturer. Lots of interaction. I learnt things I would never have learnt by myself just by reading a book or a website and it inspired me to get back to doing some more writing.




The University's Virtual Summer Festival of Learning reflects our mission 'to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest international levels of excellence'.

Professor Graham Virgo QC (Hon), Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)