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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)


The University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education has launched a major new tuition fee support programme to enable adults without university-level qualifications to access affordable part-time higher education. 


The 1873 Anniversary Tuition Fee Award programme, unveiled as part of ICE’s 150th anniversary celebrations, offering over £250,000 of support to reduce financial barriers to entry, is aimed at both adults facing financial hardship and those living or working in central Cambridge. The financial support provided reduces the cost of study by £1,873 for up to 150 eligible applicants seeking to study on one-year fully online part-time undergraduate courses. Eligible courses range from those in the arts and sciences to professional disciplines and will provide access to fully online 60-CATS credits undergraduate Cambridge qualifications for as little as £625. In addition, the Institute of Continuing is has announced a £150 anniversary tuition fee concession available to all adult students applying by 28th February 2023 for eligible undergraduate courses. 


Open access to a Cambridge education for all 

As Director of Continuing Education, Dr James Gazzard, highlights ‘In 1873 the founders of our organisation sought to open a Cambridge quality education to any adult student.  The background or previous educational achievement of the learners was unimportant.  Instead they focused on supporting any adult to learn for personal and professional development.  It was a radical departure, ensuring women and men were supported to learn on their terms’. 

"150 years ago the priority was to form welcoming communities of learning, led by Cambridge tutors, with teaching designed around the learners’ educational aims.  In 2023 we remain wholeheartedly committed to these founding principles”. 

“In our 150th year we really want to show adults that the University of Cambridge is here for them; a partner in life-wide learning for everyone.  As our founders did, we are setting out to help adults consider their future skills needs and learn flexibly alongside their peers on a part-time basis alongside”. 

“Whether they are anxious about returning to learning or an accomplished student, we foster learning for all and encourage each student to bring their voice and unique experiences as citizens, parents, carers, professionals and volunteers to our supportive classrooms” added Dr Gazzard. 


Financial Support 

Dr Gazzard continues “We are offering financial support to lower the cost of study.  For adults who have not studied at university previously, we want to offer reduced tuition fees to those who are facing financial disadvantage.  In addition, to promote learning across Cambridge, we want to support adults, irrespective of their financial circumstances, who have not studied at university before and live and/or work in the City of Cambridge to study at their local University.” 

Irrespective of prior educational achievement, financial circumstances, or location all adults who enrol by 28th February 2023 will be offered a £150 anniversary fee concession in order to acknowledge their participation in our 150th year and to partially offset fees during the current cost-of-living crisis. 


Who’s eligible? 

1873 Anniversary Tuition Fee Awards: Whether studying for personal interest or professional development, 150 anniversary tuition fee awards worth £1,873 each are available. The closing date for applications is 1st September 2023, or as soon as all bursaries have been awarded.  This tuition fee support can be used to reduce the cost of study on any one-year, part-time undergraduate Certificate starting in autumn 2023 and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis to applicants who have not studied at university-level (i.e. whose current terminal qualification is level 3 or lower) and who either have an annual household income below £30,000 or who live or work in the CB1, CB2, CB3, CB4 to CB5 postcode areas of the City of Cambridge. 

Anniversary Fee Concession: Any adult applying to eligible one-year undergraduate Certificate or Diploma courses by 28th February 2023 and confirm their enrolment within 14-days of receiving an offer will be eligible for a fee £150 anniversary fee concession. 

If a student is allocated a tuition fee award, they will not be eligible for the anniversary fee concession. 

To find out more about the 1873 anniversary tuition fee awards, the anniversary fee concession and the many other bursaries available for study at ICE, visit:  

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