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Dr Gilly Carr, Academic Director and University Senior Lecturer in Archaeology, has recently been awarded the European Heritage Prize. Dr Carr was awarded the prize by the European Association of Archaeologists for her heritage activism work on behalf of victims of Nazism in the Channel Islands.

"It’s a real honour to receive this award, and a bright spot in what has otherwise been a pretty dark year – for all of us." said Gilly "I was awarded this prize for my heritage activism on behalf of victims of Nazism from the Channel Islands, which were occupied from 1940-1945. Although I have worked on behalf of all categories of victims and survivors – deportees, forced labourers and Jews – it is the political prisoners who have a special place in my heart. They were those who were imprisoned or deported to Nazi prisons, labour camps and concentration camps for acts of protest, defiance and resistance.

During and after the occupation, they were seen by most of those in positions of authority as trouble-makers who deserved everything they got. Their experiences in prisons and camps were seen as a punishment of their own making. They did not receive any honours after the war and their memory had never been rehabilitated at the time I began my work. I hope I have helped to change that a little.

I therefore wish to dedicate this award to the political prisoners of the Channel Islands. It seems appropriate to do so in this year of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the camps, and at a time when nationalism and far-right politics is once again increasing in Europe. I dedicate the award to those who fought against such ideologies."

This academic year, Gilly will be teaching on the Undergraduate Certificate in the Study of Medieval England, Undergraduate Certificate in the Archaeology of Ancient Britain, Undergraduate Certificate in The Making of the English Landscape: Landscape History and Archaeology as well as a range of online courses.

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