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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)


Course Director of Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education

What is your academic or professional background?

  • Medical practitioner ( General Practice) with a long history of teaching experience at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Masters in Medical Education and have led the PG programmes at ICE for over 12 years
  • Clinical SubDean at the School of Clinical Medicine and lead the staff development programmes there.
  • College Director of Studies for Clinical Medicine at Wolfson College.
  • Awarded a Pilkington teaching prize in 2014 and am a Senior Fellow of the HEA.

Why should people consider studying your subject?

Teaching is now recognised as a professional responsibility of Doctors along with their clinical roles. It is also increasingly important in other health care specialities including Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine and many other health care professions. Being an effective teacher is a skill that can be learnt and developed just like other professional skills.

How is your subject relevant to our current world?

Supporting undergraduates to develop into skilled and patient centred doctors is a vital part of their development as professionals. More experienced practitioners have a duty to support their more junior colleagues to develop their professional skills and knowledge and also role model good practice. Increasingly other health care professionals are working in teams along with doctors and nurses to deliver effective health care. The support of these other health care professionals is also a vital part of the role of medical educators.

What do you love about your subject?

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing one of your undergraduate students develop into a competent and caring health care professionals. The same can be said of seeing a junior colleague mature into a caring independent professional and then to see them also develop an interest in teaching and supporting the next generation of professionals themselves.

How did you get involved with Continuing Education?

After several years as a GP trainer I took on educational roles supporting colleagues and later medical undergraduates. I decided to look in more depth at the principles underpinning medical education and was one of the first clinicians in Cambridge to study for and achieve a masters in Medical Education about 15 years ago. I was then appointed to a role of leading staff development in THE school of Clinical Medicine and we then worked with ICE to develop initially GP certificate course and now a full Masters programme in Medical Education

Who or what has inspired you?

Teaching has helped me to continue to enjoy my clinical role whilst providing me with intellectual stimulation outside pure clinical practice throughout my career

What's your favourite / most rewarding part of teaching?

Working with Undergraduates and junior colleagues one to one with patients

What's the best study advice you've been given?

Do something that you enjoy and are passionate about

What do you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy time with family, friends, and pets. I enjoy being outside and the countryside. I have worked as a doctor at Newmarket Racecourse for over 30 years. I have enjoyed travelling and along with a colleague have had a great time supporting medical education and faculty development in Sri Lanka.

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