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Professor Maria Olea

Have you ever wondered what makes your course tutors tick? Inside ICE meets some of the Institute's new faces to find out more about them: from why they're fascinated by their specialist subjects to their hidden talents and even their desert island discs...

Professor Maria Olea

Course: Undergraduate Certificate in Strategic Business and Management

Subject specialism: Research Management

Why should people consider studying this course?

This course is designed to equally address the challenges that may be faced daily by a complete beginner to an experienced business manager. The course appreciates the different journeys everyone has taken, valuing and building on the variety of experience and skills.

How is this course relevant to our current world?

This course is more relevant to our rapidly changing environment than it ever has been. It will provide a deeper understanding of the challenges a crisis like COVID-19 brings to an organisation, teaching strategies to compete against other businesses and how to survive during a crisis. 

What is the most rewarding part of teaching? 

The little twinkle in my students’ eyes and the big smiles on their faces when they confidently say: “We did it!”

What would be your one Desert Island Disc? 

Into the Light - Chris de Burgh

What is a famous film you’ve never seen?

‘The best years of our lives’ directed by William Wyler (1946)

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This was originally published in our Long-Vacation - Michaelmas 2021 issue of Inside ICE. 

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