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Illustration of Carina

Carina O'Reilly

Tutor, Undergraduate Certificate in Politics

Why should people study your subject?  

Politics as a topic underpins everything that happens to us and sets out the boundaries of what is practically possible in policy terms. Political theory explores how we think of ourselves and how we should live as a society, and the underlying themes that set limits on politics itself.  

How is your subject relevant to our current world?  

If you are concerned by the rise of fascist rhetoric, and feel it goes against something fundamentally right about our liberal democratic principles, you’re doing political theory. Studying politics helps you structure and explain your own beliefs. 

What do you love about your subject? 

The way it challenges me to reconsider everything I take for granted.  

What’s the best piece of study advice you’ve ever been given?  

Plan out your essays right down to how many words are in each paragraph, and make sure you answer the question! 

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