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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)

Cambridge graduates at graduation ceremony

A new bursary from the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education (ICE) is offering up to 100 recent Cambridge graduates and current postdoctoral researchers a valuable opportunity to learn while they earn.

The Next Generation bursary is available to all Cambridge students who studied through the COVID-19 pandemic to graduate in either 2020 or 2021, as well as to any postdoctoral researchers currently employed by the University. It contributes up to £2,100 towards the cost of several one-year, award-bearing ICE courses, all beginning in Autumn 2021.

Because the courses are part-time, students are able to enhance their CVs while still maintaining an income during a year predicted to bring challenging economic conditions worldwide.

Bursary applicants – who may have recently completed their first degree, a doctorate or any matriculated course in-between, or who are working in any postdoctoral role at Cambridge – can choose from postgraduate Certificates in Practical Science Communication, Genomic Medicine, Philosophy and Teaching Creative Writing. The portfolio has been curated to reflect the balance of arts, humanities and STEM subjects across ICE and the wider University.

Dr Jim Gazzard, Director of Continuing Education at ICE, recognises the importance of ongoing development for everyone in today’s rapidly evolving workplaces – Cambridge alumni included:

“We want to ensure that all early career members of the Cambridge community, irrespective of background, know that the University is here to support them as they seek to grow and develop into their futures. Lifelong learning is vital to success in every sector now, and as well as providing obvious benefits to knowledge and skills, it also establishes strong professional networks and enduring friendships.

“Indeed, one of the much-cherished features of studying at ICE is our appreciation for peer learning. We welcome learners of all backgrounds and ages and encourage everyone to share their experiences and perspectives. We believe the combination of world-class academics and a diverse learning community enriches every student’s progression.

“We’re funding the Next Generation bursary so that 100 recent graduates and postdoctoral researchers affected by the COVID pandemic – through the disturbance to their daily lives and the potential for less immediate opportunities upon graduation – can leverage and multiply their learning from Cambridge while still gaining crucial work experience. We believe it will help transform their employability and aid their wellbeing.

“Through this bursary, we’re enabling people to discover first-hand the value lifelong learning brings to careers and personal development. By continuing their Cambridge education with us and realising the benefits of learning part-time at ICE, we hope these COVID-affected graduates and postdoctoral researchers will join our learning community and become advocates and champions for life-wide learning.”

Find out more about the Next Generation bursaries and the courses on offer.

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