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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)

This course provides an overview of the Mediterranean Bronze Age Cultures, over a wide chronological and geographical span ( 3000-1100 BCE) looking at the north and south Aegean cultures as well as their counterparts in the West Mediterranean and in Anatolia. Working with a selection of rich archaeological, material culture and linguistic data, we unveil phenomena of social complexity in the Mediterranean, approaches to political and economic structures, trade and long-distance interaction between the Cycladic, Minoan, Mycenaean and Nuragic cultures, as well as phenomena of migration.


Course dates

14 Jul 2024 to 20 Jul 2024

Course duration

1 week

Apply by

23 Jun 2024

Academic Directors, Course Directors and Tutors are subject to change, when necessary.


International Summer Programme
Sidgwick Site
United Kingdom

Qualifications / Credits

Credits dependent on home institution

Teaching sessions

Meetings: 5

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