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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)

Companies of various sizes acquire other organisations in whole or in part. Given that upwards of 60% of acquisitions fail to meet their objectives, this approach to business growth is full of challenges and can be very expensive and career-limiting. Based on his own experience of buying/selling more than 20 companies, Ken Dickson provides theoretical and practical guidance for those without in-depth knowledge or practical experience of acquisitions. The course will help you to appreciate the pros and cons of the corporate sale and purchase process, and to know enough to ask pertinent questions of your advisors and acquisition targets.  


Course dates

28 Jul 2024 to 03 Aug 2024

Course duration

1 week

Apply by

23 Jun 2024

Course director

Academic Directors, Course Directors and Tutors are subject to change, when necessary.


International Summer Programme
Sidgwick Site
United Kingdom

Qualifications / Credits

Credits dependent on home institution

Teaching sessions

Meetings: 5

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