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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)

This course is part of the International Summer Programme 2023.

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The century from 1140 witnessed a revolution in architecture and many associated arts. A new style emerged around Paris, with soaring interiors, ever larger expanses of stained glass and a new role for evermore life like sculpture. We call it Gothic. Though truly an invention, it did not come out of the blue. Huge advances in technology – hardened steel tools, ironwork in general and a new fashion for glass inspired ecclesiastical patrons (the money men!) to achieve ever greater feats of stone technology. We shall travel from St Denis, through Paris, Chartres, Reims and Amiens, arriving back where it all began, St Denis.


Course dates

30 Jul 2023 to 05 Aug 2023

Course duration

1 week

Apply by

25 Jun 2023

Course director


International Summer Programme
Sidgwick Site
United Kingdom

Qualifications / Credits

Credits dependent on home institution

Teaching sessions

Meetings: 5

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