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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)


This course is not yet available for applications.

This course introduces you to the multi-disciplinary confluence of materials, engineering, history and biology, to enable design of sustainable products. To inform material choices and product design philosophies, we will explore product life-cycles and circular economy approaches. Exploring material classes including natural materials, fibres and textiles, plastics and composites. We will explore applications in fashion and sport, building and construction, transportation and energy, packaging and health. We will reflect on how advancements in materials have led to unique opportunities – think timber skyscrapers – and presented new challenges – think the ocean plastic problem. This is a 10 session course and must be taken with W110Pm05 in week 1.


Course dates

14 Jul 2024 to 20 Jul 2024

Course duration

2 weeks

Apply by

23 Jun 2024

Course director

Academic Directors, Course Directors and Tutors are subject to change, when necessary.


International Summer Programme
Sidgwick Site
United Kingdom

Qualifications / Credits

Credits dependent on home institution

Teaching sessions

Meetings: 10

Course code