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This course is part of the Interdisciplinary Summer Programme.

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In this course, we consider some of the key issues shaping Great Power politics in the modern world and examine how the international relations of the main players interact with, and threaten one another politically, economically and strategically in an increasingly global and disruptive age. Scholars from various fields of expertise will cover a range of current and historical issues, which are planned to include: challenges to the liberal world order; the US, Russia and China as the shapers of the international scene; key challenges (climate change, nuclear arms, war etc); the return of the nuclear threat; rebuilding order after war; the challenge of emerging powers (Brazil, India, South Africa and Turkey) and failed states; how cyberwar, social networks and fake news are changing the face of conflict; containing regional turbulence – in the Middle East between Saudi Arabia and Iran, in Europe among old and new members, and in the South China Sea; and prospects for the future – will it be perpetual war or a new multipolar world?

A21, B21 and C21 form a single course, meeting 3 times a day. Maximum 40 students.

This course complements ISP Term I, A11/B11/C11 or can be taken on its own.


Course dates

22 Jul 2019 to 02 Aug 2019

Course duration

2 weeks

Apply by

08 Jul 2019

Academic Directors, Course Directors and Tutors are subject to change, when necessary.


International Summer Programmes
Sidgwick Site
United Kingdom
01223 760850

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Meetings: 10

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