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History abounds in heroes and villains. Fewer are those who have been both simultaneously. And of these few, none are more controversial than Julius Caesar. From his adolescence to his death and on to the present day Julius Caesar has been denounced as much as he has been lauded.

Was he an adventurer, a womaniser, and the militarist who replaced a Republic with a dictatorship? Yes. Was he a reformer, a polymath, and the man who threw out a corrupt clique to establish a government which actually served the people? Again, yes.

Julius Caesar is also one of the few people of ancient history who speaks to us in his own words. His clear campaign notes, written in spare, elegant Latin are in fact masterly works of self-promoting propaganda.

This course examines Julius Caesar, the man and the myth. It looks at the times that made the man, and describes the contemporary political situation as well as Caesar's extraordinary career. Along the way we meet other well-known personages such as Cato, Cicero and Cleopatra who were all Caesar's contemporaries.


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28 May 2018 to 15 Jul 2018

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7 week(s)
This course is completed entirely online.

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