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Disclaimer: This event has now been cancelled, please see the full statement here.

2020 Programme Highlights

Climate ChangeCommunicating Climate Change: Demons and Angels, Dr Jane Gregory

It is hard to talk about climate change science. The processes are slow, the scale is vast, and the conclusions may not fit with our direct experience. But this need not stop us making decisions about climate policy, as there are many other important factors, apart from the science, that inform our thinking. The champion of climate action, Greta Thunberg, is the 'angel' in this issue, an apparently powerless person who now has the attention of world leaders.  

13:15 - 14:00

Dr Nigel KettleyUnderstanding Education Inequality, Dr Nigel Kettley

What is educational inequality, how is it measured and why is so important for your life? In this session, we will examine socio-economic inequalities in exam results at school and participation in higher education (paying specific attention to Cambridge). We will also reflect on the adequacy of explanations of educational inequality and consider how they might be improved. The persistence of inequality suggests that both academic research and education policy have failed. Is this true?

11:15 - 12:00

Dr Oliver HadelerBig data: seeing the world through the sensors, Dr Oliver Hadeler

The use of sensors has become widespread, from smart phones to smart homes and cities to driverless cars. Modern healthcare is unthinkable without sensors, from large MRI scanners to small portable continuous diabetes monitors. Furthermore, for hundreds of years sensors and measurement have underpinned scientific discovery. In this lecture we will look at some key sensor technologies and their ubiquitous uses. In light of the increasing use of sensors we will explore some of the implications arising from the collection of huge amounts of data.

12:15 - 13:00

Event date

Saturday, 4 April, 2020 - 10:00


University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education
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